Written create thrilling X files

To handle a writing need not font specific or large expressive skills. A simple game of lights and shadows, colors and shades, gives new life to the character even more inflated. Let us try to reconstruct the effect of ” X-Files “with PaintShop Pro , you get in free trial version for 30 days. Obviously, the procedure also works with other photo editing programs , provided they are equipped with the most important filters (or effects).

Open the menu File / New. Set the parameters of the new image in this way: 100 x 100 pixels, background color and Black “Image type” 16 million colors. If you want to print the image, increase the resolution to 300 dpi, otherwise it will be sufficient to indicate the default 72 dpi resolution typical of screens and monitors. Click “OK”. Select the Text tool, the icon marked with a letter “A” in the Tools Palette. If it is not visible, enable it through the menu View / Toolbars.

scan pictures with Multifunction Printer

scan pictures with Multifunction Printer

Click with the mouse in the image and write an uppercase X using a font to your liking as long as provided with thanks. Set the size to 72 points and the white as the fill color. Keeping selected the text tool, center the X within the image, and then proceed to remove the text selection by pressing the keys CTRL + D . periodically Remember to save the image to avoid losing your work in case of problems.

Since it is not possible to apply effects to a text vector as our “X”, we need to create a layer that includes background and writing. Open the Layers menu and select before “Merge” and then “Merge All (Flatten).” Open the Effects menu and choose Blur / Gaussian Blur. This will open a window where you will see the original image to the left and right preview the result after applying the effect. Increase the value of the radius to 9 or 10, possibly by clicking the icon in the shape of an eye for an update the display in the image itself, and then click “OK”. Open the Color Palette menu View / Toolbars.

Click the Foreground color: the Colors window will open where you have to choose black. Click “OK” and repeat the process for the color of the background: both must be blacks. Re-select the Text tool in the Tool Palette, and then write a new X identical to the one created in step 2, the only difference will be in color, that will be black. Place the new written just above the X gradient that you previously, as you see in the image, then add layers by repeating the procedure.

Open the Colors menu and choose “Vira.” Set the value of the Hue to 100 and the value of the Saturation to 200. Check the result in the preview, and then click “OK”.

Your writing style “X-Files” is ready.

On the Internet there are numerous font called “X-Files”, which reproduces the writing became famous by the television series.

You can download one at http://www.dafont.com/xfiles1.font  and install them via the Control Panel, by the “Character


suggestionsFilter: Program accessory that adds certain functions of image processing in graphics software.

Grace: Taken terminal ornament that beautifies the letters that make up a character. Times New Roman is a serif font, Arial without.

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