Write a letter with wordpad

There are cases where word processors are important: when you write a resume in response to an offer of employment, for example, or when you write a legal letter. Results can be achieved semi-professional with an extremely simple as WordPad , a program included in all versions of Windows .

Here’s a typical business letter with a request for warranty repair of a personal computer. At first glance looks bad, but if you look carefully you will notice that the formatting leaves something to be desired. The return address is not centered correctly, because it was moved to the right edge of the page using the Tab key repeatedly. The date has been aligned simply with the use of the space bar, that does not guarantee a perfect positioning. Moreover, the second paragraph contains a long list of items, hard to read.


We suggest some tricks to make this letter in a professional document.

The first thing to do is fix the address of the sender. Delete all spaces or tabs that you have entered the beginning of lines. Then use your mouse to select the four lines that make up the address. Finally click the ” Align Right “on the toolbar. Aligned in the same way also the date: deleted spaces at the beginning but since there is only one line, there is no need to select it, just do immediately click the “Align Right”.model letter

The list in the second paragraph it is difficult to read because of its length. When there are lists of items like this, it is best to present them in the form of “bullets”. In this way, the software instructs you to align elements and mark each with a point, making reading much clearer.


Deleted the list of documents that you have written, position the cursor to the beginning of a new line, then click the ” Bullets “on the toolbar. Place the first element of the list (in our example, the warranty), then press the Enter key: you will see that is automatically inserted the point of the next element. You can continue to write all the elements of your list. When finished, click again on the “Bullets”.

It is also worth to check the font and size of characters that WordPad used automatically. In this case the type is Times New Roman, that may be fine, but the size is only 10 points. The characters are so a little ‘too small, especially if our document to be faxed. It is best to zoom in a little ‘size. Click Edit and then click “Select All”. Then click on the little arrow pointing down next to the box with the number 10 and choose 12.

WordPad is a good starting point for learning about the world of word processors.

You do not pay a penny for it, is small and easy to learn, contains all the tools necessary to produce a document acceptable. When you feel the need for something more powerful you will be ready to take the next step. WordPad is a smaller version of Word , you will find so much easier to change to his older brother.

Formatted text word

But there are also other excellent programs, such as Word Pro and WordPerfect , very similar to Word and then just as simple to learn.



  1. Font size: It is the measure used by printers to define the size of the text. A text of 72 points is larger than one of 34 points. The text you are reading right now is 8.5 points.
  2. Word processor (or word processor): Application Software for the preparation of documents of all types, from simple letters to company reports.
  3. Formatting: The process of choosing the appearance of a text or table, as the font used, the background colors or borders.
  4. Font (font): A collection of characters with predefined styles, for example, Courier or Times New Roman.

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