Why update Browser

The reasons to update your browser

It ‘good to keep updated regularly every program you use, especially those programs that access the Internet, including the most widely used: the browser!
We see the following main reasons for having an updated browser:

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Security Updates

As in many cities there are also disreputable corners in the web you may have a hazard.

The cyber-criminals are constantly trying new ways to deceive people or attack the computer that you are using with virus and vulnerability to make their interests .

Modern browsers put first the safety and often release new updates to ensure an immediate response to new threats .

For this is good practice to keep defenses at peak .

In all institutions, companies and governments who use PCs connected to the Internet suggest to keep all their programs and the operating system to ensure greater security of sensitive data, such as personal data of employees or citizens.

New Features

When a new version of a browser often adds new features to enhance the browsing experience and to integrate with web services more known as Google and Wikipedia to make quick searches, or to stay current on the latest news of bookmarks via standard RSS feeds.

Other features instead let you navigate the sites that take advantage of the latest technologies, which allow for increasingly sophisticated sites, useful and beautiful to see and navigate .

Web sites of the future will be more and more like the programs we use every day, and will be able to exploit the full potential of our PC desktop, laptop, or our cell phone.

For this is our advantage to ensure we always have the best technology .

Performance improvements

The new versions of the browser, and sometimes even minor upgrades, improve their performance by allowing a more fluid navigation and make the PC more free to run other programs.

These updates do not allow to increase the speed of the Internet, but rather to display Web pages faster and have more fluid animations and video .

For several years we are seeing a true to its competition among developers to ensure the primacy of the browser faster, to the benefit of their users, ie us.

It is therefore in our interest to keep our browser always in shape .

Bug fix

For the uninitiated a bug is an error in a program, both for error of their creators to unforeseen circumstances.

(For more information site Wikipedia: Software bug )

To err is human and because browsers are created by human sometimes some mistakes can happen ; most of the time are errors that create problems that occur only under special circumstances and for this it is difficult to notice.

Developers just understand where the error is, thanks to our reports , the correct improving quality browser .

It is therefore in our interest to ensure not to run into unpleasant problems .

To update your browser must download and install the new version.

The more modern browsers use a system auto-update or exploit the system to update the operating system.

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