WhatsApp: archive messages and chat conversations

WhatsApp now has become the most used application to send text messages via their mobile phones. Unlike traditional SMS, each shipment has not cost and for this reason are the higher the chances of receiving a large quantity of messages, often useless and superficial.

WhatsApp: archive messages


Fortunately, programmers have predicted this series and have made ​​available a simple tool to allow you to archive messages WhatsApp, and chat conversations in a simple and intuitive. This way you can keep tidy and clean the screen with the list of chat without deleting them but simply moving to another screen. Let’s see how to do on Android and iOS.

Store messages and chat conversations on iPhone : Open WhatsApp, enters the “Chat” tab and locate the topic where you want to store. Now hold your finger over the conversation concerned and swipe from right to left until it shows “Other” on gray background. Click on it and select the “Archive”. At this point the desired conversation has been properly stored and is no longer visible in the list of Chat.

If you want to view the archived messages simply go back in the “Chat”, press your finger on the screen and drag downward until you see the word “Chat filed” at the top of the screen. Clicking on it you can see the conversations that you have saved up. To restore them to their original position, simply repeat the reverse. Hold your finger over the chat that you did archiving and swipe from right to left, press on another item and click on the “Extract from the archive”.

If you want to archive all messages to WhatsApp  with just one click you have to go to the settings tab and click on “Archive all chat”. Nothing could be simpler.


Store messages and chat conversations on Android : Open WhatsApp, go to the main screen where there are ongoing conversations and hold your finger on the chat you want to store. Now click on the word “Archive the conversation” and you did. To restore an archived conversation you have to scroll down the page, where there are all the conversations and click “Conversations Store”. To move back to redo the inverse operation and click on “Retrieve the conversation.”

Even on Android you can archive all messages  in one shot: click on the top right menu (three dots), select “Settings”, pressing on “IM settings” and then click “Archive all conversations.”

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