What’s New gadgets 2017

Every year there are hundreds of new light technologich development. Even when it seems that everything has been created for a long time best in the world – it is necessarily a person that can look at the already existing idea from a new angle and come up with something new. Manufacturers are always trying to surprise us with something interesting and unbanal, unlike anything we have seen before. Let’s see if they manage to do this in 2017!

1. Domestic smartphones


At the end of the current – Early next year, we are waiting for the novelty of the England producers, while causing more healthy skepticism than the keen interest of users. In England, it is going to release its own smartphone operating system, dubbed Sailfish Mobile OS RUS. The development company is engaged in WMD ( “Open Mobile Platform”), owned by the founder of the ECH Gregory Berezkin.




The first devices released on the Linux operating system, will be smartphone and Oysters Jolla. Sailfish – operating system with open source code elements. It is developed by the Finnish company Jolla, part of which is owned by England ESN, for nearly four years. Hopefully, this development will justify itself – already undertaken once an attempt to create domestic smartphone (YotaPhone in 2015) is not paid off.

2. Smartphone with transparent screen


The Chinese company Vivo develops transparent displays


According to the resource resource Mobipicker, referring to the leak of information within the company, the Chinese brand Vivo promises to release one of the most amusing novelties definitely competing for success in the coming year – a smartphone with a crystal clear screen. In addition to its main unusual features of the smartphone it will be equipped with very solid “filling»: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

3. Flexible Smartphone


Conceptual model of foldable smartphone from Samsung

It does not lag behind its competitors in the creation of unusual gadgets and giant with a worldwide reputation – Samsung Electronics. In addition to more than the expected next Galaxy, this year the company completed development of the prototype and is preparing to launch serial production of its long-time project – the first flexible smartphone in the world. It will be equipped with OLED-display and can be bent in half. In the open state of the display diagonal is 7 inches, closed – 5.

Flexible display smartphone created Samsung Display, the largest manufacturer of LCD screens. The Samsung believe that these products will help to overcome the “crisis” in the market – and its supersaturation slowdown. Probably for smartphone and other gadgets will follow with a flexible screen.

4. “Smart” contact lenses


Samsung and Google are competing for the right to release the first “smart” lens

Attempts to create eye device that can replace everything at once, have already been made – in 2014. Google presented to the public the project of “smart” contact lens, in 2015 – was engaged in a solar-powered lenses. Now the game including all the same Samsung: not so long ago they were posted in his blog a patent application of contact lenses with built-in sensors and the display.

Most likely, the real peak of popularity of these devices have not for the next year, and not even on the 2018 th, but, nevertheless, their potential is huge, “smart” lens will be able to replace the glasses, fitness tracker, watch, camera, scanner and many others, bulky and heavy devices.

5. Smart glasses from Carl Zeiss


Smart glasses from Google has not gained popularity, in spite of all the efforts of developers and promoters of the company. Abandoned banner caught the company Carl Zeiss: they claim they have found a way to make smart glasses easy and convenient. Battery, CPU and other necessary technical details of the points will be invisible prying eyes and be placed in the arc.

At the point where the bow enters the lens, these components connects miniature OLED-display. The image will be projected through a polycarbonate mirror, working as a reflector. So far, the company has a prototype that will survive many more improvements, but it is believed that at CES 2017 the company will demonstrate its smart glasses in action.

6. Xbox One: Project Scorpio


The new generation of X-box will please gamers around the world already in 2017

Next year promises a major update all Xbox lineup. At E3 2016 conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft introduced the audience Project Scorpio – a new, improved version of the game console with eight cores and support for games in 4K resolution. New products will be quite a record computing power of 6 teraflops and will be able to support a virtual reality.

For us this is not just an upgrade of the X-box – is a big step forward and something new. All models of Xbox One will be compatible and will receive a total Toy. While there are no accurate data about when to wait for the miracle of the market, but gamers have already suggested a release date autumn 2017. Project Scorpio is a working title, so probably it will be released under a completely different name.

7. Nintendo NX


It is expected that Nintendo NX revolutionize the video game industry


At the beginning of 2017 moved its new development and Nintendo. If you believe the rumors, now they are seriously busy preparing for the launch of next-generation consoles, Nintendo NX. According to company representatives, this console will revolutionize the entire gaming industry. Console assembly company Foxconn will be busy. No special information about the new Nintendo yet, but is said to have deliberately delayed its output: the terms were shifted due to the company’s desire to modify the console functionality.

We promise a virtual reality, as well as touch screen and the ability to play on both the TV and without it. Kimisima, president of the company, promised that we are waiting for “a whole new way to play games.” In addition to the delays, the Nintendo also significantly reduced the total number of products from the original 20 million to just 9-10: the market is not so gentle for game devices, the demand for them has fallen markedly in recent years.

8. iPhone 8


It is not known how the new marked – iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S

The new iPhone 7, produced in 2016, clearly disappointed everyone who is waiting for him – nothing really new or interesting in it is not expected. However, in 2017 things will change for the better! At this time the iPhone is really waiting for significant changes. Insider sources say 2017 8 iPhone (or iPhone 7S – a new product marking developers have not yet figured out) will get hooked on both sides of the display.

Earlier it was reported that in 2017 Apple could well go on to use in the iPhone OLED-displays, completely devoid of the side frames. The use of the folded screen – like you can see in the Galaxy Edge lineup, Samsung, – fully meets these rumors. But so far no confirmation or refutation of this information from official representatives of the brand followed. Also, according to recent information leaks, Apple may move to three-year iPhone update cycle.



In addition, Apple is actively engaged in upgrading their operating systems. Outdated file system HFS Plus replaces APFS (Apple File System) in 2017, which is used on all brands of devices, from Apple Watch to the Mac Pro. The reason for this decision is quite obvious – founded 30 years ago HFS Plus significantly outdated and unable to cope fully with the grown disproportionate amount of information. APFS designed for Flash / SSD-drives, a new approach to information storage will be used in it.

The main object is the storage container.

The containers are separated from each other and use their own volume and namespace. Such a system would minimize the number of failures and optimize data. In addition, APFS get native support for modern encryption protocols. However, there she and conspicuous drawback: it can only use brand new software solutions.


9. Wireless charging of Apple


In 2017, Apple is going to release a modified wireless battery. the operating range will be 2-3 meters, and for recharging devices will be enough to put in a special charging zone. However, there is this innovation and are certain disadvantages: gadgets need to charge more often and longer, as they will lose energy faster than usual.

There will be quite chargers for all brand name products, from iPhones.This is not the first attempt to get rid of the obsolete Apple chargers, such as the technology used in Apple Watch, which can be charged in a few millimeters from the power source, but the new version should be on the order of the commission.

10. Apple Watch


Apple Watch could eclipse the time in the market tablets and classic Swiss watches: the device in the form of a wristwatch, taking over part of the functions of an ordinary decent tablet or phone, it turned out to be extremely convenient for people on the discovery and instantly earned considerable popularity. Now Apple Watch is one of the major brands of products – they are not less than 100 million units will be sold by the end of next year.

Price, however, is that the bite, but Apple are busy including a decrease in their cost for greater product availability. It expands functionality and “clock”: to create new applications, and built-in wi-fi allows you to use them to access the network freely.Probably, Apple Watch will be able to press on the market, and a fitness bracelets, taking on their functions.

About future


Based on the assumptions expressed about the pace of technological development in 2017, the future is now. As stated a few years ago, experts of the company Gartner Inc., the next year, about 30% of all devices used will be invisible to others. Regarding the most speculated they were not mistaken.

Thus, the smart glasses are being finalized and will soon be completely indistinguishable from normal, the Samsung filed a patent for a “smart” contact lens displays a virtual reality is becoming more popular, as a function of scanning fingerprints found in many new models of smart phones, is no surprise. We live in the future, where every new year brings new discoveries. I wonder what will happen to us next?


Smartphone trends expected in 2017