Virtualize Windows on a USB stick

In a world increasingly dominated by the virtualization of applications and operating systems, could not miss the guidance on how to have an operating system always in “pocket”. All this thanks to the version “portable” Virtual Box, one of the most famous free software for virtualizing, produced by Oracle.

Preliminary steps

Prepare a USB stick large enough to copy the virtual box, and operating systems that want to virtualize

  1. The first step is to download from here software, in the time of writing the latest version is 6.4.9.We start the executable and choose where to extract the contents of the package, in our case we select the USB stick.
  2. Let’s move to the folder where we extracted the files and start the file “Portable-VirtualBox.exe”
  3. The interface will ask us what language we want to set highlighting the .ini, using key search let’s choose italian.iniPortable VirtualBox
  4. From the main interface we start downloading virtual box using the “download the installation files …” the total file is about 100mb.
  5. After the download, select the version you want to extract:
  6.  “Extract files … 32bit””Extract files … 64bit”Depending on whether our system is 32 or 64, to increase the compatibility of the board select both options.
    • Press “OK” and change to the USB pen, you will notice a different structure for the installation has unpacked and created new files, required to operate the software.
    • From now on you’ll have to click to start the virtual box “Portable_virtualbox.exe”

    Download Virtual Machines

    After preparing our pen with the virtualization environment, we must have a virtual machine ready for use, we can choose between Windows 8,8.1, 7, XP and Vista. Microsoft has made available in a readable format by Virtual Box, virtual machines ready, to feed the software. 

    • Let us go on this site and proceed as follows:
    • select Your OS below: Windows-selected and then Virtual Box for Windows A Right you will see the complete list of available operating systems, are divided into packages and then downloaded a package at a time, or install a free download manager, we have used Free Download Manager, in addition to individual files for each system there is a batch file to import in download manager to download all files together.
      • After the download you need to unzip the downloaded packages start the only executable that numbering part001
      • The result of the decompression will be a file with the extension .ova, open virtual appliance, a

      Readable not only by Virtual Box but by other virtualization tools like VMware best known, this file will be imported within Virtual Box on the pen.

      • We initiate Virtual Box and from the drop down File, select “import virtual appliance“, going to choose the file .ova
      • After selecting the file and clicking on, we have to wait about 10 minutes, much will depend on the power of your PC.
      • After importing the operating system does not just have to start it

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