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logo: Microsoft Corporation

logo: Microsoft Corporation

Start call , we can start a videoconference contacting a person about whom we know the ‘ IPaddress or seeking new knowledge in “Online Directories” provided by NetMeeting. I click on the button that represents a phone if we want to get in direct contact with someone and write its IP address in the window that opens. If we want to meet new people, do click on the icon in book form. NetMeeting will propose a list of servers that show the addresses of all the people connected at any given time. You can change the server: new addresses can be found by doing a search on for ” ILS directory server . ” Add them via the menu Tools \ Options , General tab, under Online Directories.

End Call After connecting to the server directories online, appear the names of people available to chat. A series of icons will show us who has a Web cam and those with only a microphone (in addition to video conferencing is of course possible to make a simple “conferencing”), who is speaking and so on. To get in touch with a person just double click on the name and hope that the call is accepted.

Online directory If someone calls us and we have not enabled the “Do not disturb” sign, we will hear a sound similar to the telephone ringing and a small window will appear. If the other user has a Web cam we can immediately see the picture, with a size which varies depending on the type of connection of both. At the bottom of the main window, smaller, check the image transmitted by our Web cam. Recall that we can stop sending the images at any time by simply pressing the button “Stop Video”, even without interrupting the conference. To conclude the session, you click on the button “End Call”, which is a telephone receiver in the act of being “attacked”.

Start Video / Stop Video  If you have both microphone and speakers can talk with the other person. Selecting the ” Chat “and of course we can instead write read response messages. The icon ” Blackboard “open a program with which to draw in real time. Another interesting feature is the ” Share Program “, which allows you to simultaneously work on the program running on the source machine (and not the target, although it may seem otherwise). For this and other obvious reasons, this feature should be used with extreme caution, keeping in mind all the safety issues. The icon ” File Transfer “finally allows you to exchange documents more quickly and easily e-mail.

A ‘” alternative luxury “videoconferencing via Web cam is formed by the system devised by FastWeb video for their users. This solution is unique in its kind in Italy, combines fiber optics, television, telephone and a special camera – the so-called TVcam – to give life to the more classical concept of “Video Phone” . The installation of the camera is performed by technicians FastWeb, and make a video from TV’s “difficult” as making a phone call common: their ease of use is the biggest advantage of this system. Video telephony to another user FastWeb is in fact sufficient to compose the number on the ‘ telephone connected to TVcam , after pressing the “star key.”

The TVcam the receiver will sound to warn the incoming call, which will be accepted by simply lifting the handset. At this point, our interlocutor may decide to protect their privacy so talking on the phone, but without allowing us to see his picture on our television: in this case only he can see us on your TV. Alternatively, they may decide to participate in our call even in video: on your TV then you can see both our image in full screen, either their own, in a small box, so as to be able to account, in real time, how the others are seeing. The exchange voice is the case on the phone, since the TVcam not have its own microphone ‘hands free’. Moreover, if the called party is absent, you can leave a video message on the answering FastWeb.

The video quality is more than satisfactory.

Despite the size of a “full screen”, the images appear quite smooth, without flashy effects stay or graininess. Only in close-ups, or at least very close in shots, there is a certain “spixellamento” image inextricably linked to the compression of the data that is needed despite the considerable bandwidth. Of course, in spite of certain commercials somewhat misleading, this is the only system that can make a video full screen while maintaining a fluidity (” frame rate “at the bottom of pages to see the meaning of the term) that comes close, while not reaching it, to that of the normal television broadcast. The service is also available for all

Account Skype

 centers that meet these requirements a HD TV.

A video camera all-in-one. An internet connection. A Skype account . You can Talk to family and friends sitting comfortably on the couch at home, wherever they are, to make high quality video connection is required at 500kbps if you do not want to buy a TVcam there is also the possibility to use the web cam connected to your PC to make and receive video calls using VideoPC, there is software available to

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Things to know when “you chat”

The world of chat is not all roses. There are miles of public and private web cam showing everything from sincere people looking for friendship with static shots of spectacular places to junk and (especially) pornography from peanuts. For this reason, when you move into chatting, use your common sense as a main weapon.

• Keep your privacy. Do not give your personal information and even less so the cellphone number who asks you. You do not say what is your name, where you live, where you go to school and other personal information until you trust the interlocutor.

• If you do not feel, remember that you are not obliged to show you. Put a drawing, a photo witty in front of the Web cam, Describe yourself, talk and then, eventually, show yourselves.

• Mount on a computer firewall (a program that protects you from intrusion from the outside) before installing the Web cam. Remember that some “trojan horses” (the Trojans, who take possession of the software that have infected computers) are used to activate the Web cam from a remote computer , then you risk to make you look … when you do not know! A free firewall for personal use ( Zone Alarm ) can be downloaded from the website .

• You must install an antivirus program. The chat also provides for the exchange of files: one should not accept files from strangers, but if you really want to do, remember that even a simple JPEG image may contain a virus.

• Do not accept recommendations to change the settings of your chat program , unless the person who offers them there is very trustworthy.

• Watch out for the dialer! Many sites boast of being dedicated to video chat portals ask you to “download a free application” to start chatting. It is a dialer, a program that changes your phone call on directing toll numbers. If you use an ADSL connection the problem is less severe, but prudence is never enough. Never download or install programs that do not ever know.

• The excessive rounds of the chat can cause a form of psychological dependence. In some cases it can become a way to escape and distraction from reality. It is therefore advisable to use a conscious and moderate, that does not replace meetings in “real life.”Microsoft NetMeeting - Download

• In the Web cam chat as you have to be quick! Do not mind too much the shape and concentrate on the content.

• Why is the web cam to send good quality pictures you need good lighting. If used in a dark room at night, set the options for Brightness and turn some more light, preferably not direct.

• Artificial lighting can cause the image to flicker, especially when you are in chat with people from other continents. Enter a correct value in the “Advanced Settings” of your camera: for users in Europe and Australia, the value is 50 Hz, 60 Hz for Americans


We calculate the “frame rate”

An important element of evaluation, when you do a video, the frame rate, ie the rate at which “frames” (frames) appear on the screen. It is measured in FPS (“frames per second”, ie frames per second) and how many times it changes the image on the screen within a second. The lower the frame rate, the more the images on the screen will be “jerky” effect with a particularly annoying and unrealistic, similar to nightclubs with strobe lights.

The frame rate changes as a function of many variables: the type of Web cam, the power of the processor, video card, memory, and especially the available bandwidth of your connection. The programs that measure the frame rate using a very simple method: first, calculate how long (in milliseconds) changes from one frame to another. Assume that 50 milliseconds have passed, it means that in a second (if the frame rate is constant) will be 20 frames (50 x 20 is equal to 1000 milliseconds, ie a second). The value “50” is called TickCount (the “tick” is milliseconds) and is inserted into this formula: = framesPerSecond 1000 / TickCount.

The result (20) is the frame rate. Below the value of 12 the frame rate is low, so the video will get our results rather scarce.


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