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Do you have the bad habit of adding spaces at random between a word and the other one?

The spelling it only takes one, then create a macro to remove all those unnecessary . Macros are custom shortcuts that you can create when it should be applied in a repetitive sequence of commands. The macro records this sequence and allows you to create a button to run it whenever necessary.

Compared to previous versions , Office incorporates a procedure for generating the macro slightly simplified , however, is not very different .
The step by step to teach these pages to create a simple macro in Word , the notice may also be used with Excel Click the Office button and then click ” Word Options ” (bottom right) and then click on “Settings General ” . In the ” Top options for working with Word, ” select ” Show Developer tab in the Ribbon .” Click ” OK” to confirm the change. At this point, the main window of Word, one of the menu items will also be the “Development” .

Click on the “Development” and in the Code group, click on the ” Record Macro ” will open a small window where you can enter a name for the macro in the ” Macro Name ” . Here you can enter a name consisting only of a word does not have to be long and descriptive .
In the “Description” you can pick in explaining the meaning of the macro. In our case, as we understand from the picture, we will create an automated procedure to remove double spaces from your text (it’s a habit incorrect and widespread error to beat for twice the space bar when you want to make a space).
In the ” Store macro in” you can select the template that you want to include the macro: please leave selected ” Normal.dotm ” to include it in the basic white sheet to be used instead Word.Se want to include it in another model , select it from the menu tendina.Facendo to click “OK ” the recording will start : you’ll know why the mouse cursor will turn into a cassette magnetica.Tenete an eye on the Code section of the Ribbon, because there are the commands to end the macro recording (Stop recording ) or to pause / resume temporarily . The window also allows you to attach the macro to a command given with the keyboard or a button to insert in the bar Word.Tuttavia this step is not required , since the macro can be called up by voice Macro Code in the section below “Development .” to create a specific button for your macro make a click on the “Button” .
In the window that appears , select your macro (appears in the left column with the name ” Normal.NewMacros.Doppi_spazi ” ) and click “Add”. You’ll see the name of the macro in the column also destra.Facendo click “OK” to start recording . The purpose of the macro is to record one by one all the commands given by the user, then , once you start the procedure , if you want to create our own macro to remove double spaces the following commands executed in order not to interrupt you : do Click on ” Home ” then “Replace” .

Makeup Excel In the Find what box, beat two spaces , while in the “Replace with ” battetene only one. Click ” Replace All ” , then “OK ” and then click “Close.” Back to the Developer tab and click ” Stop Recording ” . If you have associated the macro to a button, you will see it appear in the task bar of the Office button in the upper left of the save command , undo and redo . You will recognize it because it is a small icon with the yellow squares joined in a blue diamond . made a mistake while recording, you can remove it by clicking on Development / Macro (in the code ) .

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This will open a window like the one in the picture that lists all of the macro you’ve recorded yourself . If there is only one as in this case , it will not be difficult to identify . If there are many careful not to delete the wrong one : it comes in handy at this time that the description entered when you created the macro. Once selected, you can delete it by clicking on the “Delete ” button will not disappear , however, associated with it , and if you try to make a click on it you will see an error message ( actually now the button is no longer associated with any command ) .

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The elimination of the macro button is not covered in the operation of erasing a macro : the only way to clear this icon is useless to do a right -click on it and select ” Remove from Quick Access Toolbar ” .
Macros and Visual Basic

In the Code section where there are commands to create and manage macros in Word there is also a command called “Visual Basic” : how this programming language with macros in Word ? Macros can be a set of simple commands that the user is able to give with the mouse, but can also be integrated with special commands written in the Visual Basic language , so that when you click on its icon starts a basic version the editor.

To use it you’re forced to learn this programming language . The fields of application are broad : basically Visual Basic is used to customize the versions of Office programs (especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and adapt them to the needs of businesses , integrating them with non-default commands . The same macro created with this step by step tutorial is actually written in Visual Basic (the language is made automatically when you assign the controls during recording) . In the picture you can “read” in Visual Basic macro ” _ Double spaces.”

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