What does it mean SPAM

What does it mean SPAM ?various information about persistent spammers on message boards and blogs.

There are many people who happen while they are busy to read their e -mail , note that you have received the e-mail address by persons or absolutely unknown . Most of the time these addresses often reserves of unsolicited advertising , which is not at all interested .
This type of advertising is absolutely unobtrusive, and creates no doubt much trouble in the recipient. Many e-mail addresses cataloging this kind of e-mail as junk e-mail , cestinandole immediately.

The receipt of these unsolicited e- mail advertising is known as SPAM.

The term spam was born in a very curious circumstance . In fact, in England, SPAM was the name of a particular canned meat used by the British for their breakfast ; given that the advertising of this product continued to be constantly transmitted into the local television stations, Monty Phyton have decided to do a sketch for this product just to get around this nagging presence of advertising almost anywhere.
As we have already noted, the primary purpose of an email is SPAM to advertise.

The e-mails that are sent to any kind of address that may contain advertising affect anything, but you have to be very careful , because within these emails there may be inherent in advertising pornographic material , or on medications that however, require a prescription of your doctor in confidence , or may hide the virus that can be activated
There are many terms that are used to indicate this type of unsolicited e-mail ; the most important terms in which these messages are identified UCE ( Unsolicited Commercial Email ) and UBE (Unsolicited Bulk E -mail). The translations are similar, and that is ” unsolicited commercial e-mail ” and ” e- mail address is not required in large quantities .” Another term used to refer to this category of e-mail is junk mail , or ” junk email .” It must be stressed that a lot of junk messages can be sent using the well-known , but even if the latter is also used for moral or scope.

  When you open the message .
To guard against these unsolicited e-mail , you can use software designed specifically for this purpose , known as , able to analyze the contents of the various e-mails that are received to go back to the type of server from which they come, in a way that divide the important e-mails , and then delete

How to Stop Spam