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” Indexing, searching , indexing , search … ” here’s how the programs that allow you to find the files on the fly to your computer.

Elena Avesani To speak of so-called ” desktop search ” is good to clarify what they are and immediately dispel any misunderstanding , because there is no corresponding Italian word and sufficiently concise . The desktop search are programs that index the files on your computer (or in some predefined folders ) to find them almost instantaneously through a simple text search. The operation is similar to that of search engines for the Web: if they analyze and index the content of sites around the world , the desktop search browsing the hard drive and will index the documents. But the parallel does not end here: the engines through online websites try questioning them with keywords’ with the desktop search can find the documents on the hard disk by typing the keywords that identify them .

It is no coincidence that the main desktop search are developed by their most important companies in the field of search engines (eg Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing) that
distribute them free , sometimes in combination with its own navigation bar. The advantage of using the desktop search is obvious: they help us to find files faster, without forcing us to remember the name , format the hard drive or folder where we saved them . They also go well beyond the simple search function of the operating system ( the Search command very slow ) and programs in general , unifying many queries (not all ) , and results in a single interface .


What is meant by ” indexing ” ? Try to think of the index of a book : it is a list of key words contained in the text , with a reference to the next page and the context in which they can be read . The indexing of desktop search works in a very similar way . The program analyzes the documents and records in an index file their name, extension , date of creation and modification , the location on the disk and the contents . But we must say that these software do not index ” carpet ” any files on the hard drive, mainly for two reasons : firstly because it is a process which, although optimized to disturb as little as possible , for sure affects the performance of your Computer .

Finally, because there are few types of files , for strictly practical , deserve to be indexed : Office files , OpenOffice , email , PDF, history and browser cache document written in any genre. On this front, it is important to note that not all of the desktop search index the same file, and then , depending on your habits, you may find yourself faced with a choice. For example, Microsoft Windows Desktop Search indexes only the name and the metadata of PDF files ( unless you install a separate plug- in). If your email client is Thunderbird, you can indicizzarne messages only with Windows Desktop Search , it is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

The Eudora e-mail , however, are indexed by Copernic Desktop Search ( ) . But we can say that all programs offer extensive coverage that extends to even the music files and pictures, andandone to index the metadata ( in the case of music, for example, the name of the author, album , duration of track , the recorded data for images from your digital camera when shooting ) . However do not think that the desktop search SIGNING each word of a text: to avoid that the index will grow at an exponential rate , the programs have a limit . For example Desktop Search scans “only” the first ten thousand words in a document (not cheap … this article for example has about two thousand ! ) . It is also important to be able to customize the settings of the programs also exclude from scanning folders that we want to keep private or which contain files that do not require it at all costs indexing. When the computer is idle …

Download software search per windows 7 - Windows Search


The work of indexing is quite heavy , so much so that the main desktop search proceed with the creation of the index in times of user inactivity ( even when the mouse and keyboard are not in use). In principle , just finished installing the program, the desktop search immediately starts the first process to scan the disk, or folder. For example, Windows Desktop Search , unless otherwise specified user is dedicated only to the Documents folder and e-mail if the client is open, while Google scans all hard drives . The duration of this first operation depends on three parameters: the power of the processor , the amount of documents in the computer , any computer activity . To speed up the indexing is preferable to first suspend all work, or install the desktop search before shutting down the computer.

Once completed , the program will have created their own index file in a hidden folder on your computer ( for Windows Desktop Search can pick the location ) that can be updated when necessary. The index is updated with the arrival of new mail, the creation of other documents , or their amendment , the index is likely to grow old in a matter of hours . For this reason, the desktop search record every change in real time, without impacting heavily on the performance of the system, acting in a discreet way , but still functional to the needs of the user to be able to search through the documents and be put in a position to use the the computer.

What to install? Among the many desktop search that you can download online, the choice is not easy. We have already made ​​a radical skimming , speaking only two programs ( in the box of this page and page 65 we talk about it in more depth ) . Taking into account that , with the installation of multiple plug-in desktop search can also get to have the same functionality , perhaps the question is more correct : ”

I really have to install a desktop search? ” . If you have a powerful computer (at least 2 Gigs of RAM) will derive many benefits and will not even notice it in !

Run Microsoft Update for install Windows Search.

lets you perform an instant search on your computer. Helps you find and preview documents, e-mail messages, music files, photos and other items on your computer.

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