Sleep walker shutdown timer

This amazing program allows you to schedule shutdown or the restart of your computer through a simple interface and easy to use.

Suitable for anyone who owns a computer server in fact over the shutdown and restart Sleep Walker also has many other features like hibernation in order to suspend the computer and then turn it back thanks to a pre-arranged time, as shown in the figure below we can see the various configuration three which:

  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Hibernate
  • Log off user = User Switching
  • Turn off monitor = monitor off
  • Run screensaver
  • Run a file = Start a file (which can be a software, an audio file, an image Etc.)


SleepWalker manages to combine two useful actions: automatic turn off of the system and cleaning Windows temporary folders.

Between functions it is also one that allows you to run programs or open Web pages after set periods of inactivity.


Why install it!

  1. Easy to use, it can be copied to a flash drive, without any install;
  2. No service must be activated in Windows, thus reducing memory consumption and greatly increasing the stability of the system.
  3. Option for the forced reboot and shutdown: The computer operation even if there are programs that are open or blocked.



    • 800×600 screen resolution
    • 15 MB free disk space
    • 300 MHz Intel Pentium or AMD K6 processor
    • 64 MB RAM
    • Internet access


Screenshot programm


screnshot sleepwalker feature  sleepwalker screenshot Standby, Hibernate, Suspend, Power Off



This wonderful software is definitely one of the best in its class, is light, is easy to use and is compatible with all Windows operating systems and can be download from here .