Sites for Free Online Photo Editing with Effects

The sites to edit photos free online are numerous, we point out the best in this guide . It is in Italian and English sites through which you can perform the most common changes and apply effects to photos using the browser.

Fotoflexer Not requires registration, allows you to upload a photo from your computer or network and to edit it.
The tools for editing images are divided into several sections.
Basic – We find tools to rotate, resize and crop photos as well as options pearl red-eye correction and color .
Effects – There are options through which to apply various effects such as transform photos into a comic book or view it with a neon lights .
Decorate – Allows you to add text, glitter and designs. Also you can draw within the photo and apply a frame.
Animations – Provides some animated images to add to your photos.
Beautify – offers some options for removing imperfections in the uploaded photo .
Distort – Here are some effects through which it is possible to distort the image .
Layers – Allows you to edit the image using different layers , similar to what happens in advanced graphics programs .

FotoFlexer is definitely one of the best sites to edit photos free online, features are numerous but the tool appears to be still easy to use .


ipiccy A another site to edit photos that requires no registration and is free of charge.
Also in this case the tools are divided into several sections which can be accessed through the menu, which is located in the upper part of the page .
Basic Editor – Provides tools to resize, crop and rotate the image and options through which you can correct colors .
Photo Effects – Effects that you can apply to photos uploaded are numerous, including the black and white, vintage effects , transformation and poster painting , aging , and the conversion of the image into a pencil drawing.
Retouch – In this section we find many useful tools for photo editing through which it is possible to correct red-eye , change the color of eyes and hair.
Layers – How the site that we saw earlier , iPiccy also supports layers and allows you to use this feature to edit photos.
Painter – Through this section you access an editor with an interface similar to the one we find in Paint , you can then draw and erase image elements .
Frames – Allows you to apply several types of frames to the photos.
Textures – Provides various types of effects to be applied to textures .

iPiccy is another very interesting solution for those who want to edit photos online , and in particular it should be noted the very large number of effects that can be applied easily and fast .


pixlr The interface is very similar to that which we find in the programs to edit photos to install on the computer , in this case, however, it is a tool to be used by the browser .
Through the instruments, in the left part , you can perform various operations such as draw, erase , change colors and add text .
At the top of the page there is a menu through which you can access filters to apply to your photo editing tools on the size and levels .sites to edit photos free onlineA very interesting feature of iPiccy is that it is in Italian , then turns out to be very easy to use .


ribbet A tool for photo editing rather full .
As previously reported sites , features are divided into several sections which can be accessed through the menu at the top .
Basix Edits – Allows you to perform common tasks like cropping, color correction and cropping .
Effects – In this section we find a variety of effects , divided into categories, which can be applied to the uploaded photo .
Text – Allows you to add text specifying the type of font, size and color.
Stickers – We find different graphic elements which can be added to your image .
Frames – Using this section you can add a frame to your photos.
Pro – Advanced features through which you can improve the image quality.

Ribbet is definitely an interesting tool and especially recommended to those who want to edit photos with special effects.


picmonkey Another site to edit photos online that has a simple interface and many features .
The operation is similar to that of the instruments proposed above, are therefore different sections through which you can access the different tools .
Basic Edits – We find the tools for basic editing , crop, rotate and resize images and change colors .
Effects – In this section there are many effects that can be applied quickly to the photo.
Touch Up – It allows to improve the faces present in the images, it is definitely interesting and original options .
Text – Provides the ability to add text .
Overlays – We find many graphic elements that can be placed in your images.
Frame – Allows you to add various types of frames .Texture – Through this section you can apply textures to the uploaded photo .


lunapic The interface provision is far less prepared than we ‘ve seen in the tools presented above, however, the features are numerous.
Through LunaPic you can edit a photo by adding text , drawing , cropping , changing colors , rotating and deleting elements .
Very interesting animations that can be applied and which include transitions of various types and various effects such as rain, cube rotating , zooming, and old movies .
In addition to the animations , there are effects by which you can transform your photos in different ways.

In conclusion we can say that LunaPic offers many possibilities even though the use may be slower than that offered by other sites .

Photoshop Online

 Photoshop is definitely the most well-known photo editing program and Adobe provides a free online version .
The online tool obviously does not have all the functionality of the program, however, allows you to edit images in a very simple way .
We find tools to crop, resize , color correct , change brightness and contrast, fix red eye .
There are also some effects to apply , such as black and white, even if the number is lower than what we find in other services.
Interesting then adds the possibility to rest and various graphic elements provided.

Sites for Free Online Photo Editing with Effects

Photoshop Online represents an interesting solution for those who want to make small changes to their images fast .


pixenate site that offers functionality definitely lower than those previously seen but still allows you to make quick edits to your images.
Using the menu in the left part of the page , you can crop , rotate and resize the photo as well as change the colors .
We also find some effects to apply as adding frames .


phixr  service rather similar to that seen previously with which to perform simple changes .
We find the usual tools for changing the size and colors and are offered the opportunity to apply different kinds of effects to your images.


It is a different site from the previous ones , are in fact few instruments for the usual changes and many effects to apply .
Through PiZap is therefore possible to obtain effects very original and funny .
Among the various possibilities , we recommend that you create a collage using the loaded image .

The website offers a tool in Italian by which you can change the picture and apply various effects .
The changes that can be made are quite simple and include resizing and color correction .
The same site also offers other services through which you can apply frames and create animations.

Let us know which sites you prefer to edit photos .