Recuva programm Recover accidentally deleted files

This is nothing new for the biggest users of the PC: the possibility to remove, by mistake, one or more important files, is high.

In this unfortunate occasion, the first thing to do is to check the trash. If, however, you find that within it is contained the files mistakenly deleted, it is not yet the case of despair. First, it is useful to try one more attempt to recover, using software designed for that purpose.



The first recommendation to follow is to act in a timely fashion: in all likelihood, in fact, the deleted file is not lost forever; however, the computer writes Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recoverycontinuously new byte and then every time you save decrease the chances of recovering the file. From this it follows that, operate with speed, it allows easier recovery of data still intact.


As mentioned above, to recover accidentally deleted files, it is necessary to rely on specific Recovery Tools.
Recuva, probably the best known of all, is easy to use and can also boast a convenient free version, rather complete.

E ‘should be noted that the net there are many data recovery software, but very few are completely free and sometimes have serious limitations.

After you download Recuva and you have followed the steps acts its installation, start searching for deleted files is an easy and fast.

  1. First, the program will offer the user a wizard, asking you to specify the type of file you are trying to recover (such as images, music, documents, videos) and, if the recalls, their position.
    Of course, More filters set will be specific, more research will be fast and accurate.
  1. By clicking on “start”, then, we will begin the search for files mistakenly removed.
  1. At the end of it, it will return a list of data found, each accompanied by an icon that shows the “state” of its current file.
    Icons are green to indicate files undamaged, whose chances of recovery are good, those yellow are associated with files that may be corrupt, while the red ones are associated with files difficult to recover.
  1. At this point, simply select the check mark next to the files you want to restore, click the “Recover …” and choose the path where you save them again.

That’s it!
Of course, this procedure does not ensure the recovery of any file, especially those whose removal was long overdue. However, it is an attempt that can be effective and that it is worth trying, first of despair to a file that is believed lost forever.


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