Record Video of Screen Online

If we need to create video tutorials, or a visual guide, so that you can show the whole world how you use a particular software, perhaps created by ourselves or a video that shows how to use certain services of our website, certainly many times have we resorted to specific programs, also wrapped a fee.

If we had the opportunity to be able to do everything online, therefore no waste time searching on the internet a program that can be useful in order, and therefore without installing anything on our computer, there would be something definitely more comfortable

Obviously finding Internet services also allow you to register the screen is not easy, you assert, is not that one gets up in the morning and decide to create an online service that allows you to record everything that happens on the computer screen, using only Java applet, well probably someone did it and created its own service to do the job, do not download anything, you do not know anything about editing and video recording, but above all we must not underestimate it, even if it is a service online is not necessarily the lowest quality.

The service is called Screen Jelly , and resides at
With screen jelly thus we record every event displayed on our computer screen, so as to create video tutorials or any other video that displays a certain thing on the screen.

To use the service is no registration is required, and we need to have Java installed on your computer, if not, then we have the service will allow us to download it.

Once you create the video will get the direct number to view the file, so that you can share with our friends via email or social networks, all this through the service functions the same, lower in fact we can see the tab where it each allows sharing video in a particular way, we can also share it all by posting a message on twitter, of course, writing it from the same screen jelly.

The videos created will contain audio, possibly with our comments directly from the microphone.

Unfortunately the site has a unique and only limit, to be able to create video no longer than three minutes, so useful for video short but slightly tight for longer video tutorial.