Program to Create menus for movies

Program to Create menus for movies, just like you do with the DVD . Mini Launcher DivX codec is a fully automated it is possible to equip our security copy of an initial menu , which will be ignored by players or portable DivX living room , but it will be found and used in case we insert the disc into a PC.
This little miracle is possible by using a utility called in jargon “launcher ” or pitcher . For this project we chose a free program called MiniDVD Launcher , another useful program Programs that encode DVDs to DivX Divxlnch is available at the manufacturer’s website doom9 is composed of a utility that should be burned to the DVD along with AVI files of various films , and from a file ( also to burn onto the DVD ) which serves to Windows to automatically launch the utility itself.
This file , called AUTORUN.INF is a simple text file that can automatically generate resulting from the Start / Run command ” divxlnch / C”.
Otherwise you can dial it with Wordpad , contains only three lines:

open = DivXLnch.exe
icon = DivXLnch.exe , 0
By placing these two files into DVD , strictly in the same folder as the movie , the DVD automatically becomes kind of autorun . If you plug it into a Windows PC ( even in the version of ‘old XP) , Divxlnch will run , it will check that your PC has the Divx codec (if there is not, or if it is old , install it ) and then the screen will show the ‘ list of films available that you can select with the mouse or the cursor keys , and then launch the playback using Windows Media Player in full screen.
Divxlnch also has another interesting feature : if you recorded the DVD with the names of files in 8 +3 format , you can prepare a file with Wordpad called ” divxlnch.ini ” where you can enter the list of films in this format :
TitleFILM ? full title
TitleFILM ? full title
And so on, one row for each film , where ” nomefilm ” is the name of the file as recorded on the DVD, without the suffix . ” Avi” and , after the question mark , there is the real title . After inserting the DVD , Divxlnch check for the presence of the file with the extension “. Ini” and will no longer display the name of the file in 8 +3 format , but directly the title of the movie that you have entered in the file ” divxlnch.ini .

You now have the technological tools to secure your originals , waiting for the policies of the leading manufacturers at more favorable prices , or at least the recognition of the right to replace the defective media at cost price . Remember , however, that the method described should be used to create backup copies for personal use of its original , and it is definitely illegal to use it to record movies that you have not purchased reproduction rights , such as the DivX available on the Internet through various programs P2P.


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