Program that recognizes text

Thanks to an OCR program can recognize and save the text captured in a photograph. The photo image of the text of the classic action film: the light comes into possession of confidential documents, and take a picture with the micro camera hidden in a pen. The reality today, the film has surpassed not only all pictures can be taken with instruments more and more compact, but you can use a program that recognizes the captured text and save it into an editable document. In these pages we will see how an OCR program like this: ABBYY PhotoReader . The software can be downloaded, in the form of shareware, hosted by Avanquest .

First, take a picture of the text to be recognized; in our case this is the first page of a novel by Louis Pirandello.Abbiamo deliberately avoided taking a picture with good contrast and sharp, to test the ability of recognition even in less than ideal conditions. When the program starts, the system will ask for the details of the transaction. [HTML2]What do you recognize the source from which to take the text and where to save it.

ocr Program that recognizes textYou can retrieve the image directly from the camera or choose to read a saved to disk. In our case, the photo was saved to a file on the hard disk. By choosing, in the previous tab, the option ” Acquire Image From Folder “will open the usual Windows Explorer window. In the picture you can see the list of files that can be imported. Immediately after you start the recognition phase. The program works like all those family OCR. In the upper left shows the palette of available operations, with a little wizard that lets you choose the language of the document and the final format conversion. On the right is a series of tips on how to use the tracking systems of the areas of the text and, if desired, the elimination of unnecessary parts.


Select the File: drop-down menu, you’ll find all the possible options menu program.This takes precedence over the wizard: Before you begin the process of converting the final will always be possible, in case of error, force other formats.


After a few seconds, here is the final result. In the previous step we chose to make the output to a Word file. In case of error in the interpretation of a few letters, we think the software: replace the letter is not recognized with an appropriate symbol. OCR incorporates a dictionary of comparison, intended to perform a spell checking of words read. In automatic mode, the system recognizes the dictionaries English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; for special needs, you can use other (directly derived from the most powerful FineReader Pro). The operation can be fully automated through the creation of macros. In this case it is sufficient to indicate the starting image: the software does the rest, giving the document directly in the final text.

You are not prompted even the title for the document: it will be obtained directly from the start.

If you photograph a sheet is quite simple (making fire is not a problem), not the same can be said for a book: the ripple of the pages may create some problems in terms of exposure and lighting. Again, start the OCR. Even in this case, the areas to be recognized are perfectly identified, including the numbers in the footer. We will see later that the system has the ability to manage these appropriately.

Here’s how you can achieve seamless integration between program start and end capture software. The system recognizes page numbering and transfer it in the footer of the word processing program.

As seen in these pages, the modern OCR can recognize the text within any image. Even in a screen taken directly from your monitor. Just use the form “Screenshot Reader, which is available on the website or on the Avanquest ABBYY ( ). The window of ABBYY Screenshot Reader is very simple and intuitive. The program, as mentioned, does one thing: it recognizes the captured text on the screen (for example the page of a Web site). A good on-line help can solve some initial doubt inevitable. The image reproduced here the two small windows identify the origin and functions of the boot process. Once you start reading the screen with the command area, you will see the screen in the second floor bedroom, and in the foreground the wizard where you specify the destination of the text drawn: Windows Clipboard, Word files, e-mails and so on. Here is the phase of interpretation and reading of the box.

 ABBYY FineReader® 12 Professional OCR accurately converts paper and image documents

The analysis process is similar to that of PhotoReader and any other OCR program. In our case, the structure of the image was particularly complicated, for which the text has been divided into different boxes (some of which may possibly be excluded from the reading).