Print two-sided

With a bit of ingenuity, even an old printer without sophisticated features can be used to print on both sides of the paper. course, if you already have a printer that can do it alone, you have solved all the problems immediately. If you have not, as is more likely, there are to do some additional work. The details depend on your printer model and the path that follows the paper when it is printed, but here we present a general strategy that applies in all cases.

As you will see, it is not at all difficult. Unlikely documents are printed at the first shot exactly as you would like. To minimize the possibility of error, it is useful to work on the document inTable Office print view mode ” Page Layout “. To activate this mode, just click on the small icon at the bottom left of the Word window (if you use Word) – the icon looks like a screen with three lines in the middle.

Let us see how to print. From the File menu, choose Print.

Or, more simply, go to the View menu and choose “Page Layout”. Before you print the document, it is advisable to check in print preview. From the File menu, click on ” Print Preview “. You will find that you can see multiple pages at a time, move the margins and examine the formatting just as it will print. If the last page is composed only of a few lines, you can use the button ” Shrink One Page “, which will attempt to change the size of the fonts used in the document to delete the last page. Be careful because in this way will be changed font styles you have chosen and the changes will be permanent if it will save the document.

In the dialog box that opens, in the section “Pages to print”, select All. In the “Print” which is located in the lower right corner, select ” Odd Pages “drop-down list. Do these initial settings, it is not yet time to print. Fate then click the Options button Continue. In the next dialog box, you must be careful to select (by clicking and then applying a tick) the box “Reverse print order“. Change the print order means that the last pages will be printed first: in this way we will have the pages ready and ordered for a second pass, the one in which we will print the even pages, without the need to re-sort the sheets by hand.

Click OK to return to the main Print dialog box and then click again on OK. Printing will start and you can check that the pages are printed in the correct order. After the first phase of printing, you’ll end up with a pile of all the odd pages of your document. We’re halfway there.

If the total number of pages in your document is odd, remove the last page and keep by (this page will be printed on one side only). Insert the stack of paper into the printer again, but this time upside down.

Return to the Print dialog box. This time you choose to print the even pages, click on the Options button and uncheck ” Reverse print order “.

Click OK and then OK again to start the second part of the press. Even if you have taken all the precautions suggested so far, things can still go differently from what you’d expect. Check out the pages as they exit the printer, without waiting for this has finished its task.
Take a few test documents consist of a few pages and in a couple of attempts at the most you should be able to figure out what is the right way for your printer.If you see that the odd and even pages are printed on the same side of the sheets, or even pages that are upside down, immediately canceled the press, without wasting more paper. Probably you have not entered the sheets in the right direction for the second pass.

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