Print multiple photos on a Single Sheet

The photo paper is very expensive , though of excellent quality ( and of sufficient weight : over 200 grams) also 50 cents per sheet. Let’s see how to use it at the same time by printing more photographs on a single sheet. This is possible with most of the programs that display images, and photo editing . In this article, we see how to work with Paint Shop Pro

Photo editing software – Corel PaintShop Pro is able to effetture editing operations complete Professional Quality, Picture That count. site:

After you open Paint Shop Pro, fill Yourself in all the images you want to print on a single sheet . It does not matter that you see all of them, can also be superimposed , as in this example . After the import, go to File / Print Layout.

The next window is organized as follows: on the left you will find all open images to video , on the right , however, you have a preview of the paper that will be printed . At this point , you can place the individual images on the sheet right : just select them with a click of the right mouse button and drag on the sheet in the desired location . Newly arranged , the Realize Labels and Covers for CDs and DVDsimages are surrounded , at the corners , squares from blacks . You can drag to resize photos .

Each image can be placed at will, as we have seen , just with the mouse or using a menu. Select a photograph imported , then open the Edit menu . From here you can rotate a picture ( clockwise or counterclockwise ) , delete it or place it in a specific point of the page ( centered , top left , and so on ) .

For a better arrangement of images on the sheet, it is advisable to make a visible grid from the View menu (which still will not be printed ) . In this way , you have the opportunity to better align your photographs.

If you are lazy , there is the opportunity to do everything in Paint Shop Pro Simply import the pictures regardless of where you have , then go to View / Auto Arrange . You can also use this command and then manually perform the last movement : a good balance between convenience and accuracy .

Paint Shop Pro also offers the ability to save your work and not confined only to print the final result. Just go to File / Save Template or press the usual icon depicting a diskette that is located in the toolbar. In the window that appears, you just have to give a name to the job and click the OK button.

To find the work thus saved , you must go to File / Open model . In the window that opens, you are prompted to select a category from those available: choose the third option , ie User Defined. The model you saved in the previous step should appear in the central part of the window: select it , then click OK .

We arrived at ” critical “, ie , the printing . Before proceeding, however, we must define the parameters last . Go to File / Print Setup . In the window that opens, set the number of copies , paper orientation , even whether to print a header on the sheet and so on. Once you have made ​​all your selections , click Close. Finally , proceed to the actual printing , going to File / Print . To exit print and return to Paint Shop Pro, go to File / Close the print layout.

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