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Most consumer digital cameras record the image in 72/180 DPI , a figure that is almost never specified in the advertisement . To get a larger print of excellent quality, this value should be increased to 300 or better in 600 or 1200 DPI using a photo editing program .

It is thus an increase in “digital” or interpolated ( as in the case of magnification digital zoom ) ?

Why cameras do not record already at 300 DPI or more ?

Perhaps because of problems with the CCD ?

There is a relationship Megapixel / DPI ?

Let me explain: a 5 Megapixel camera can produce an image up to 1200 DPI ?

Or to arrive at this figure it takes a higher model , an 8 megapixel or more? The photo editing program can increase the resolution of the photo to fit the needs of the press in both ways : interpolates the image , or simply by raising the ” DPI parameter ” without changing the number of pixels. See the online help of Photoshop, or of photo editing software high-resolution photo Travel-BMV-iconyou use, to understand how to select the type of change the resolution you need.

As a guideline , remember that if you do not adjust the DPI settings of the image, but you just use the adaptation to the sheet provided for in the preferences panel of the press, the computer performs an interpolation with change in the number of pixels. The home printers this is the best choice , because they work at low resolution. The laws 300-1200 DPI printer documentation refer to the grid resolution printing , but there is a direct correspondence between pixels and ink drops. Each pixel is represented by 8 to 16 drops of different colors mixed together , and the drops of the same color overlap for more than 50% full to create backgrounds .

As a first approximation , to obtain the “true” resolution of an inkjet printer you have to divide the stated value by 10. This is one of the reasons why the shots in TIFF format digital cameras have the amateur ” parameter DPI ” set to low values. The other reason is the limitations of the lenses used in compact cars , where resolutions of several megapixels are not very useful . That’s why there is a precise correspondence between megapixels and maximum DPI : magnification you can get depends on the course Megapixel sensor , but even more by the quality of the machine and the lens, resolution of the printer / plotter, and the correct application of the scaling operations in the editing program.

A classic problem using the CD- ROM drive if it is not his own bed and the recovery of the photo , there is a special program to recover deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin , allows the recovery of the photo?

high-resolution photo sicilie: vulcan Etna



The CD has become unreadable because there is a write error during the finalizing operation , which updates the index of the files on the disk. The old index is disabled , but the error has stopped writing before the new update . The disk without indexes is not accepted by Windows, which realizes the space occupied by the data but is not able to retrieve and display . It is not difficult to find errors of this type , because every blank disc defect is discovered only at the time of writing. The disc was ” doomed ” from the start, unfortunately in your case by adding photos , little by little you noticed the problem too late. For the future, we recommend you to never write discs on several occasions , or , alternatively, when you do, before you start writing copy for security should the hard disk CD -ROM . Luckily you have a good chance of recovering your photographs.

Download from the website the demo version of the program BadCopy Pro , which analyzes the low-level disk and usually manages to recover the old index (ToC , Table of Contents) . You probably will not be able to read the last file written , but following the wizard BadCopy should recover all of the previous content. If the disc is badly damaged, you can try to recover the files that you had deleted from the Recycle Bin by using a data recovery program . Unfortunately, in this way, it is difficult to recover all images, especially when emptying the recycle bin has been done long ago . To test this we recommend you download the program from our website File Recover , which scans the disk and shows the list of recoverable files . If you’re satisfied , you can start the recovery after unlocking program File Recover with the payment of the sum claimed by the authors .

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Ask for an advice from our experts! However, remember to specify the hardware features of your computer , the operating system and the main programs installed , then describing in detail the problems or issues that you may want to clarify.

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answersIf you use a photo editor, the photo is reduced from the original 2000×1500 just 300×150 pixels. No laboratory would agree to this file stamparci 10×15, so you have to cheat: Activates the function from the Image menu Image Size, you click on Resample Image and increases the value in the Width field. Once confirmed, the image will be returned to its original size, but beware: the quality will remain as the photo cropped!