How to partition your hardisk

The partition is a very important process, which is to  divide your hard disk into smaller physical units , within which are performed independent of formatting.

Often you opt for the partition of a hard disk with the purpose of distributing a certain logical order data, distinguishing the files of the operating system than the rest.

Another reason behind a partition, you need to install multiple operating systems running on your computer, proceeding in this case, the virtualization process, ie create a virtual disk in the drive.

With  Parted Magic  to format a hard drive is an activity that anyone can accomplish.The software is actually a fusion of two specific tools to partition and is suitable for the most simple to the very advanced.

Among the main features of Parted Magic memory:

  • create, delete, move, copy, increase and decrease the size of your hard drive partitions,Parted Magic
  • clone your hard drive and create a full backup,
  • format hard drives internal and external
  • securely erase a hard drive,
  • ability to access the drives non-booting, in order to recover the data,
  • check the hard disk and memory in the event of potential failures;
  • perform Benchmark on your pc.


Backup copies on DVD

As you can see Parted Magic allows you to perform many important tasks on your computer. In addition, it requires no installation and it works likea normal CD. The only thing you need to do is to set your PC to boot from the CD (using a simple configuration in BIIOS) and download and burn the ISO image file into CD. I suggest you use Roxio Creator regarding burning.

PartedMagic has included many useful tools that allow you to do many things, from file management system  in addition to partitioning and cloning of hard drives.They supported a large number of formats and file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, HFS, HFS +, jfs, linux-swap, and many others.

To get to know the program can access a vast documentation, in addition to the support forums offered on the website of the developers.

In conclusion, PartedMagic has everything you need to manage every aspect for the technical management of your hard drive.