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Where to download and how to use the Excel viewer . Open the XLS file without … Who does not have Excel installed Microsoft Excel on my PC, but needs to open a file with the extension ” . Xls ” , should not despair : Excel Viewer, a completely free program , allows to view and print spreadsheets saved in this formato.Tra other features, the practical viewer download and how to use the Excel viewerprovides the ability to perform actions such as viewing the page layout , copy and paste the values ​​in the cells, using automated filters and zooming. Let’s see how you are using the viewer, unfortunately only available in English.

The File menu of the viewer Excel has all the major functions of each program Windows : Open the file (Open) , closing (Close) , exit from the program ( Exit) , page setting ( Page Setup) and print (Print ) . About printing, Excel Viewer allows you to select only a portion of the page , and print just that. Using the mouse, select a range of cells , then go to File / Set Print Area so that area to print , click on File / Print.

The Edit menu allows you to make three simple but important steps. Thanks to the Copy command you can copy to the Windows clipboard data in one or more cells , and then bring them into another document ( for example, in a text editor ) . Thanks to the Find command , however, you can search for a string in a worksheet: fundamental option , when documents are very ” full-bodied ” . The ” Go to ” , then, allows you to quickly move within the workbook. In the View menu you will find the Zoom command , which allows you to view the document larger , or smaller, than the original size . In many cases, this system allows to protect its diopters ! As for the display of Excel documents , it

installed Microsoft Excel

is essential to learn the use of automatic filters (in English, ” AutoFilter ” ): These allow you to use the drop-down menu that filters the data contained in columns , displaying all the rows that contain a particular word ( or expression) . Simply put : once you have set the filters , arrows appear in the header cells of each colonna.

Se , for example, in the column ” Subject ” , select the ” Search Engines ” will appear on the screen only those lines that contain this expression. Finally found the Window menu . The Arrange command is used to have different worksheets to monitor, in case you have to open more than one video . You can set next to each other horizontally or vertically , tile the window or overlapping.

The command ” Freeze panes ” is used to freeze the panes , and is useful when a table is not completely visible in the monitor. This tool allows , in practice, to keep labels visible row and column (or other data) when you scroll through a worksheet , because the data in the frozen panes do not flow and remain visible as you move along the sheet job.


Excel Viewer lets you open, view, and print Excel workbooks, even if you do not have Excel installed. You can also copy data from Excel Viewer to another program.


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