Office suites Free!

Today it is more and more frequent use of mobile devices Android and Apple to work with many applications available free and paid, and one of these is included Office apps. The suite of office it allows you to create text documents such as word, excel, or to create video presentations or flyers, but how can we do if we do not have the app installed or the software on our computer?

The Official Microsoft makes available a range of tools dedicated to the Office suite and quite so free, you can just have only one live account (the one that is used to access Windows messenger) and of course a connection internet. We proceed thus reaching the official website of Office  and now we will have a window much like the tools of Office, if we already have a live account directly give a click on “Log in with a Microsoft account” and insert in the free spaces our e- mail address and password, if instead we lost or we never created we can do it by giving a click on “Sign up for a new account” and then we will be transported to the registration page where we put all our data PROPERLY.

logo office


Created the account back to the office of the page click on “Log in with a Microsoft account” and set our data.

There is nothing left to choose the type of document you want to create or use predefined models and are only to edit the content.

I remind you that when you enroll with Windows Live, as well as access to the suite of Office, Microsoft will give us 25 GB of virtual space after we can access our documents or files you uploaded from anywhere we are.