Mozilla Firefox how to restore the factory settings

Let’s see how to restore Mozilla Firefox to its factory settings.
Restoring  Mozilla Firefox can be useful if you encounter any malfunction of the Web Browser or to solve problems of various kinds such as installing Extensions or additional toolbars.


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How to reset the settings of Mozilla Firefox

For restore Mozilla Firefox to its default values ​​we open Firefox .
In the Navigation bar we click on the button Open menu (the icon in the top right with the three horizontal lines).
We click icon to open the guide (bottom icon with the question mark ? ).
I click Troubleshooting .
Under Run a development of Firefox (top right) we click on Restore Firefox …
Verra window opens Restore Firefox that warns you that the procedure will result in the elimination of add-ons and customizations.
We click Restore Firefox to confirm.
The Web Browser will be closed and will start the procedure to restore the original values ​​with Mozilla Firefox default.
If recovery is successful at the end of the procedure you will see a page that says Success .
We click on Start to start Mozilla Firefox.


What data is maintained during recovery

Let’s see what information is saved if we choose to use the function to restore Mozilla Firefox.
All personal information is contained in Mozilla Firefox profile folder . Restore creates a new profile by keeping unchanged the following information:
• Cookies
• browsing history
• personal dictionary
• open windows
• Information AutoComplete Web forms
• stored passwords
• open tabs
• Bookmarks


What data are deleted during recovery

All the settings and the following items are removed during the recovery process of Mozilla Firefox:
• archive DOM
actions • download
• download history
• extensions
• plugin settings
• security settings
• Search engines added
• permits associated with Web sites
• customized toolbar
• preferences changed
styles • User
• social tools
• themes

Important : The information in the old profile will be saved on the computer desktop in a folder called Previous data of Firefox .
If the recovery process is not successful, it will be possible to recover some of the information is not saved in the new profile just created, copying files from the old profile to the new.


What to do if you can not start Mozilla Firefox

Let’s see what to do if we can not use the restore function because it is impossible to start Mozilla Firefox .
We press on the computer keyboard keys Windows (is the key with the Windows logo) and R simultaneously.
This opens the Run .
In the Open : we type  firefox -safe-mode (make sure that there is a space before -safe-mode).
I click OK .
This will open the Firefox Safe Mode .
I click Restore Firefox .
I click Reset Firefox to start the recovery process.
We click Close  to start Mozilla Firefox.


What to do if you can not restore Mozilla Firefox

If you can not restore Mozilla Firefox to its factory defaults or if after performing the restore does not fix your problem is likely that your computer is running an unwanted program can update the settings of the Web Browser.
If you see pop-up windows with ads advertising or other that you can not delete or if we fail to set the home page we want to search to identify and eliminate malware and other unwanted programs.

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