License mp3 files in Windows Media Player

The most annoying limitation concerns the possibility or not to transfer songs legally purchased from one computer to another . Some jukebox exclude this possibility. This is the case of Messaggerie Digital , MSN Music Store, itunes and United Music MegaStore ( all stores that take advantage of the practice in database OD2 ) . In other cases it is possible to transfer the track as long as you create a duplicate of the license , in practice it is necessary to perform the restore of audio files purchased . To do this, open Windows Media Player and select the audio track you want to transfer, and then the little arrow pointing down at the top on the right. So you open the drop-down menu in which you will have to select Tools, and then the command “Manage License ” .

At this point click on the button ” Backup ” and stored in the directory where you save the backup file. In Windows XP the folder is My Documents / My Music. Then save the song WMA and its backup files in a new folder on your PC where you want them to transfer. The last thing to do is to ” activate” the license to the new computer . Select the file of the song you downloaded , launch Windows Media Player , choose the song transferred , select the Tools, and , as you have done previously , the License Manager item .

files in Windows Media Player

Then just click on the Reset button to listen to the song again . It is a cumbersome procedure and executable only in the case that the computer to which you wish to transfer the song to be equipped with an Internet connection . Otherwise the reset operation of the license is impossible. As for the recovery of interrupted download purchased music , almost all stores allow you to resume the process of transferring the file.

The most common way typically involves the recovery of downloads noting some data from e- mail sent from the online store at time of purchase : depending on the circumstances you may need the serial number, or the transfer link track or a numerical code. More problematic is rather the recovery of purchased files , and residing in your PC , in case they are irretrievably lost due to computer failure . Some stores , such as iTunes and Messaggerie Digital , offer no other options but to buy new songs lost. In other cases, you can retrieve the missing tracks only on the condition that you have stored on the e-mail sent to you by your store at the time of purchase. Just find the same information and perform the same operations as explained for the recovery of interrupted download the song purchased .

License mp3 files in Windows Media Player

The right of withdrawal Is also somewhat controversial treatment reserved by digital music stores to the right of withdrawal. The sale of digital music online would seem to fall into the

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category of purchases distance and as such the provisions (“The consumer has the right to terminate any distance contract without penalty . “) In fact the problem is a bit ‘ more complex , and the same varied behavior in the field of on-line jukebox helps to make the situation more complicated . iTunes, for example, wholly preclude the right of withdrawal.
Among the information the service it states that ” All sales are final and the iTunes Music Service Store starts from the moment you begin to download songs . ” MSN Music Store (or OD2 ) , instead , it provides even if it ‘s called ” redemption .” Among other things, then to forward the request is necessary to provide In addition to information on e-mail , user name , title, also the reasons for the refund, although the right to withdrawal be exercised without regard to any explanation.

The execution of the contract, or rather listening the purchased song, predictably occurs before ten days provided for by the provision of the good or service. On the other hand, the on-line shops which provide some form of reimbursement or withdrawal reveal a behavior virtuous th

The revenge of the MP3 In essence , the big major labels are treating the consumer like a criminal. This is not the interpretation of a group of pirates, but the same BEUC is the European Organisation for consumption which includes numerous associations European category that has recently presented a Brussels the “Charter of Consumer Rights era digital . ” It is a document whose aim is to let users know what their rights are and what can do from the moment they purchase an audio CD.

Even the DRM then goes to enrich the ranks of all those hateful initiatives that consider the consumer as a threat and therefore locking down the goods or service sold to explain to users what can and can not do and how they should use what they bought. The Digital Rights Management in fact it is not a defense designed to counter the hackers, nor to hinder consumers ‘experts’ with the hobby of sharing, but a tool that complicates the lives of the common user .

Just go to a common computer store , buy one of the numerous audio editing software and perform a simple operation, maybe not covered by the purchasing licenses online jukebox , but certainly up today not illegal , to convert the song bought online from WMA to MP3 . all information of DRM are so lost and the file audio is free of any constraint and limit!at the user should evaluate positively. The fact remains that all the jukebox must fulfill all the obligations provided for by law in regarding information to be provided to the consumer. “