Iomega Zip 250MB USB Powered External Drive

Iomega Zip 250MB USB

Iomega Zip is still one of the most successful attempts to replace the old floppy disks, on the verge of going into retirement because of its reduced capacity , inadequate for today’s needs.

The Iomega Zip cartridges can now hold up to 250 MB of data , almost two hundred times more than the old floppy drive and that they read, they are portable and easy to install. The problem of the relative slowness of data transfer currently no longer exists : the new models of drives with USB port allow you to move 0.9 Mb per second, and does not end here . Iomega Zip 250 USB 250mb External Zip DriveThe new accessory that we present allows you to get the USB drive performance more than doubled , using the standard FireWire ( a new port to transfer data at high speed , and currently is present on some Macintosh models , but there are also tabs to insert it into your PC ) .

The device looks like a small object in the same blue transparent plastic used to manufacture the Iomega Zip USB drive , and plugs into the port on the rear of the player. Apply the tool is a simple procedure , and the result is that the USB drive is “hidden” and replaced with a FireWire port. At this point, you install the software , connect the FireWire port of the accessory to the computer , (as long as your PC or Mac and it is fitted , otherwise the accessory is useless.

Then If your PC has a port like ” pol ” also becomes unnecessary to connect the drive to power , because the power is already supplied FireWire cable , and you’re done . the drive is automatically recognized by the system, and will be able to transfer data from / to the player passing Zip speed of 2 Mb per second which means completely fill or empty a cartridge 250 Mb in a couple of minutes. convenience of the system is truly remarkable , and if you make frequent use of your Iomega drive you may want to consider the ‘ by buying this accessory , even if the cost is not indiffrente

FireWire: Standard for the transmission of high speed data, primarily used for connections with digital audio and video devices. FireWire ports are included in some of the newer Macintosh models; PCs are still not common, but there are internal cards for those who want to have a FireWire port of this type on your PC.

USB: Short for Universal Serial Bus (universal serial bus), latest standard for quick and easy way to connect peripherals such as scanners and printers to your PC. To take advantage of the USB ports you must have Windows 98. Support high-speed data transfer and allow the connection of the device “hot”, that is, the computer is on.


Connect to USB power adapter is not necessary power is supplied by USB ;
It works with any laptop or desktop computer equipped with USB interface . If your PC / notebook via USB 2.0 – has interface , it will be upheld only the drive because the drive supports both standard : USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 also .

The operating system automatically recognizes the drive as a removable disk.

Compatible with Windows XP, Macintosh ®, Mac ® OS 8.5.1 , 9.x, 10.x, with Win Vista and Windows 7

Capacity : Units: 250 MB, the reading and writing of data carriers : 250 MB , 100 MB
Weight: 230 grams Dimensions (L x W x H) : 165 mm x 119 mm x 25 mm

Multimedia Compatibility : Read / Write : 250 MB , 100 MB
Access time : average access time : less than 40 ms
Data transfer rate : USB : up to 1.4 MB / s

Plugged this into my PowerMac today and it worked like a champ. This mixed lot of Iomega 250 Zip Drive and accessories includes:

  • Zip drive
  • USB cable
  • Rubber stand/boot
  • one 250 MB disk with case (don’t believe it’s been used – but it has been opened, and I put it in the drive today to make sure it was OK
  • two used 100 MB disks which I reformatted to erase using Mac OS standard setting
  • Original install CD for the zip drive, still sealed in plastic
  • As an extra, that probably didn’t go with this drive: An Iomega Zip CD 650 Version 2.5 CD that includes Zip CD software installation, tutorials and Adaptec Toast for Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0
  • Another extra: Zip 100 Portable SCSI Drive owner’s manual. Maybe some of the contents will apply to a Zip 250.

Windows PC Users

IomegaWare software includes complete help information in HTML format. You can access IomegaWare help by following these instructions:

Installing Software

  1. Right click the Zip drive (or disk) icon in My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click the Iomega tab.
  4. Click the Help button.

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