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(Photo © Microsoft Corporation)

(Photo © Microsoft Corporation)

It is said that the time spent on a site hardly more than three minutes. This means that in one hour sailing about twenty different sites you visit . Remember the addresses of all , often suggested by the search engines or links traced between Web pages , it is not an easy task . So often recall having visited that site … that site … What’s your name ? But yeah, come on, you saw yesterday , or maybe the day before yesterday ! Fortunately, the browser has its memory , which is organized in chronological order. To find the address of the famous website we just go back to the navigation of the last days . Let’s do some experiment.

As you can imagine , the ” Today” show sites just visited. This was followed, in reverse , those of the days immediately before and weeks . Clicking on the name of the day it opens a list of which can be expanded further by showing the individual pages you visit. The operation is similar to that of Favorites : These are hyperlinks on which you just click to be brought to the desired page . You can also organize your files in another manner , for example in alphabetical order or by number of visits. Click the View button and choose in the sort order . “By Order Visited Today ” shows the list of visited pages today’s date, in chronological order.

The Search button allows you to search for a word or phrase in the history of the sites , because often the simple web address does not provide sufficient information. Select ” Search ” and enter one or more words , then click on “Search.” A list of links to sites that contain your search term . Select a link and click it with the right button . The menu that appears allows you to open the web page ( the equivalent of a mouse click) , open the page in another window, to continue the exploration of the history , add the site to your favorites, copy the address and then delete the page from the history. This is a handy tip if you do not want to leave traces of our footsteps on the Net

You will also notice that stopping for a moment with the mouse pointer the address of a site , you will see a “tip ” that is, a yellow window that bears additional information, useful to better identify the site. The same history window can be wider or narrower to improve visibility . To close it , you can click the “X” that appears on the inside, or press CTRL + H or click the History icon in the Toolbar .

Clear History Internet Explorer

If you have surfed for a long time on a computer that is not yours, you’ll probably be interested in a way to clear the History . Open Internet Explorer settings, select the menu Tools / Internet Options . On the General tab you will find a section dedicated to History . Here you can set how many days of sailing you want to be registered and clear the list of websites visited by clicking on the button “Clear History” .

How to clear the history and clear the cache in Internet Explorer browser


Internet Explorer History

To delete the Internet Explorer browser the entire history of visited web sites and empty the entire contents of your cache (temporary Internet files), you can select the “Tools” menu of Internet Explorer, the option to Delete Browsing History

In the next window you can choose the contents of the memory of the browser that you want to delete. it can also remove the password data , and InPrivate Filtering of modules inserted into websites and previously saved for ease of access .
In addition to a complete history with the list of visited websites on the Internet , we can delete the cookies installed that provide direct information to the sites we visit and the ”
Temporary Internet Files” that make up your browser’s cache that can store copies of web sites visited and their multimedia content to make faster the views of the websites on subsequent visits.
The first option visible in the window “Preserve Favorites website data ” allows you to keep cookies and temporary Internet files only for websites included among the “Favorites” for faster display limited to web sites that you visit most frequently.
To delete all of this content and clear the whole cache of the browser , you must select all options and click ” Delete ” at the bottom of the window to delete the browsing history stored in Internet Explorer.


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