How to use the download manager: Go! Zilla and Getright

After the installation, download at   will need to set Go! Zilla gozillainserting some parameters , such as connection speed, maximum number of files to download at once (important to avoid flooding the connection with multiple requests), etc.


Go! Zilla is an extremely flexible and configurable.

Although it is not necessary to navigate through the multitude of options available to immediately take advantage of its advanced features, Go! Zilla is a software anyway “high automation.” In fact you can make sure that the program will automatically connect to the Internet, download the files you need, and eventually closes the connection and turn off the PC. 

How to use Go! Zilla

Go! Zilla is this: the banner at the top allows you to use the program for free, without paying any license. The bandwidth required by this system is practically non-existent and no weight at all on your connection speed. The window also has an archive of downloaded files and indicates those currently being downloaded.

Go! Zilla is at work and we just have to … forget it!

Go! Zilla constantly monitors our browser (either Internet Explorer, or Netscape Navigator) and “intercept” requests for files to download. At that time you open this window, which deals with check for files with the same characteristics of three search engines, and begins to download data from the fastest server found. If, for any reason, the server slows down and presented a better alternative, the program will stop the download to resume using the fastest connection available at the moment.

Once you have finished downloading the requested file, the program will alert you with a sound effect of strong impact. The launch of Go! Zilla can be avoided, however pressing the ‘ALT’ while pressing the left mouse button on the hyperlink that interesting: it can sometimes be important to ensure that the program is active and, with this simple technique, we can avoid that Go! zilla become too intrusive.


We download a file with Getrightgetright

Getright download site  is even more intuitive and easy to use (at least in its functionality) of the same Go! Zilla. The clean interface and explanatory allows you to perform all the basic operations with just a few clicks of the mouse. Here we are on a web page ready to download the desired file. Clicking on the address leads to the file can be given immediately set to include ” drive-by download . ” From this window you choose the name with which to save the file, and (again if you choose to change it from the original), which folder to place it once downloaded and finally proceed to the actual download. The monitor window of the discharge is convenient and intuitive.
It is clearly stated percentage of the file already downloaded. In this case we are very close to the goal … In the lower right are the options for handling instead of “download fragmented” (if supported by the server from which you are downloading the files), as well as controls for pause download process and resume it at a later time