Windows: how to get information about your system configuration

What is the command systeminfo Windows

If we want to know the configuration of Windows can use the command prompt and the commandsysteminfo . With the command systeminfo we will be able to quickly view a list of information about the operating system installed on your computer, the BIOS version, the processor type and the amount of physical and virtual memory available.
systeminfo command is available in all versions Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and may also be using to know the configuration of a remote computer.


How to start systeminfo

To start systeminfo and know the configuration of Windows we have to use the command prompt.
We press on the computer keyboard keys Windows (is the key with the Windows logo) and R simultaneously. powerpoint-ppt-pps
This opens the Run .
In the Open: we type cmd and we click on OK .
This will open the Command Prompt .
We type systeminfo and we press Enter on the computer keyboard.
Expect uploading information.


Information displayed by the command systeminfo Windows

Host Name
Name OS (Operating System)
OS Version
OS Manufacturer
Configuration SO
SO type build
Registered owner
Serial Number
Date of original installation
Startup Time System
Manufacturer System
Model System
System Type
Directory Windows
System directory
Boot Device
System Locale
Settings local input
Total Physical Memory
Available Physical Memory
Virtual Memory: The maximum size of
the Virtual Memory: Available
Virtual Memory: in use
Position pagefile
Access Server
Network Adapters


Command syntax systeminfo Windows

systeminfo [/ s Computer [/ u domain \ user [/ p password]]] [/ fo size] [/ nh]


Systeminfo command parameters Windows

/ S computer
Specifies the name or IP address of the remote computer to which we want to connect.
The default is the local computer. / u domain \ user This parameter is used to run the systeminfo command with the account permissions of the user specified in domain \ user. The default is the permissions of the user connected to the computer running the command. / p password Specifies the password of the user specified in the / u parameter. / fo format Specify the format in which you will see the ‘ output. Valid values ​​are TABLE, LIST, and CSV. The default format for output is LIST. / nh Delete the column headings in the output. This parameter is valid only when / fo is set to TABLE or CSV. /? View the leadership of the command syteminfo.