Mozilla Firefox | activate anonymous personal data

What is Trace (Tracking)
Before explaining how to activate the function anonymous personal Mozilla Firefox try to understand what the tracking.

The tracking is used in behavioral advertising (in English behavioral targeting ), a marketing technique online advertising designed to increase the effectiveness of a campaign. Many websites conduct surveillance on the visits received for finding various types of information about users’ browsing habits or on products purchased. This technique, known as tracking ( tracking ), is a key component for all marketing strategies, sales and support of a product online. The tracking is done with the purpose of selling the acquired information to advertising companies that use them to display offers and services appropriate to the user’s profile.



What is the function of data anonymous Mozilla Firefox

In  Mozilla Firefox is a function anonymous ( do-not-track ) which, when activated, will notify the website that we are visiting and advertising company’s will not provide any kind of information for purposes of behavioral advertising. The activation of the function anonymous data not in any way restrict access to websites and does not imply the cancellation of the contents of shopping online purchases. When the function is active anonymous data it is possible that in some websites to be displayed advertising offers more general. Warning: the respect of this preference and at the discretion of the individual websites which by law are not obliged to observe it.


How to activate the data anonymous Mozilla Firefox

To activate anonymous personal Mozilla Firefox open Firefox .
In the Navigation bar we click on the button Open menu (the icon in the top right with the three horizontal lines).
We select Options .
We select the tab Privacy .
We select the option Request to sites not to make any tracking .
I click OK .

How to disable the data anonymous Mozilla Firefox

To deactivate anonymous personal Mozilla Firefox open Firefox .
In the Navigation bar we click on the button Open menu (the icon in the top right with the three horizontal lines).logo firefox
We click on Options .
We select the tab Privacy .
If not we want to use the data anonymous Mozilla Firefox can disable it and choose between two options: • Notify sites availability to be traced activating this option notify website our willingness to be tracked by third-party entities. • Do not communicate any preference on the tracking of personal information : Enabling this option does not notify any kind of preference on the tracking. The choice of this option is not in any way imply the impossibility of being tracked.

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