Delete error in Windows XP

Delete them from your computer update that produces error

“Can not delete Filterpipelineprintproc.dll access denied. Check that the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use. “

Delete error in Windows XP

When Windows XP installs the updates automatic , create a temporary folder with random name in the first unit with sufficient space available. In your case chose chose the USB disk Windows\SoftwareDistribution Folder Cleanup Automationexternal because the internal hard disk of your PC overflow: if you want to avoid repeating the mistake in the future , you free up at least a few Gb . The folders contain unwanted copying decompressed update.

You can delete the file without any problems because the original downloaded from the update service Windows is already stored in the folder system

C: \ WINDOWS \ SoftwareDistribution ” , and will automatically install just correct people the error.

The folder ” SoftwareDistribution ” contains all of the updates for Windows ‘ve downloaded , but you can not manage it manually. Attempting to copy it will not be recognized because the system of protection against copying illegal Windows blocks the recognition of Updates that do not come directly from the Microsoft server, which authorizes the discharge only after checking the authenticity of the copy of Windows.

If you want to avoid downloading new updates you need to use programs that deceive the automatic update system Windows , but I do not recommend them because may cause unstable operation. To delete the folders you need to acquire the privilege of possession .

Open the Control Panel and double-click on the Folder Options

Open the Control Panel and double-click on the ” Folder Options “, then choose View tab and remove the check mark out of the box “Use simple file sharing ” .

Confirm your choice and open the disk icon exterior that contains the folders to be deleted. Select the first folder and click the button right mouse button, then select the Properties item . Go to the Security tab and click the button Advanced. Go to the Owner tab , choose list the name of the Windows user that ‘re using, then put a check mark the box ” Replace owner on sub-containers and objects “and confirm by clicking on the OK button.

Back to the main board of the properties of the folder and see if the list shows the name of your Windows user . if does not appear, click the Add button , then “Advanced” , then ” Check Names ” and select the user from Windows that you propose .

Confirm the selection and assigns the user the privilege full access to the folder. Confirmation of the new choice by clicking on OK and finally you can drag the folder icon Trash without being blocked by message error .

Error message when you try to delete a file in Windows XP