Earning browsing

Earn while surfing the Internet

That the Internet constitutes a source of income is now an established fact. The e-commerce site design, content authoring, develop networks are just some of the opportunities offered by the new media. A slice of this beautiful pie is, however, also left the home user. You do not need to be a genius of computer science, one should not have spent the wee hours to dissect the most hidden parts of your PC and you do not need qualifications.

These are the most popular methods to make money with Internet

Types of income

  • Clicking earn
  • earning Browsing
  • Responding to earn
  • Make Money Playing
  • Make Money Writing
  • Make Money promoting

What’s this ?

The opportunity to earn money by simply browsing through the display of advertising content on your monitor . Not many know that the idea was actually born in Italy . A first introduce the concept of pay for the connect was Payland , imitated around the world . From the United States , ( AllAdvantage was the market leader with stars and stripes ) , originates instead the pattern of multilevel or multi-level marketing : if you sign up and then put other friends in a given advertising service you will receive a percentage of the earnings of the people who have submitted and a smaller percentage also on further surfers who register thanks to those who have joined you. Banners, e-mail and multilevel There are many ways to earn browsing and as many different types of payment: the most commonly used system is that of the banner , small windows that occupy a fixed space on the monitor and display continuously advertisements on which you can click if wish to visit the proposed site . What you are being asked , in exchange for money , it may be the opening of these banners or visiting the sponsors’ sites , or, as happens in most cases, simple navigation, ” enduring ” the messages that flow into the appropriate spaces .

To this end it is necessary to use special software that allow you to display banners and who also have the task to see if your navigation is active , that is, if you are actually viewing Web pages or if you move the mouse or in case you have simply leave your PC on and connected.

The software for the display of banners

are free and are downloaded from the website of the service that you have decided to subscribe. To download it usually takes a few minutes. On the basis of your business, Earning browsing software is the dream of many young unemployed states how much money you need to be accredited . Depending on the type of contract, the payment is made for each click on the banner or , more often, for every minute of navigation . To start earning browsing just connect to one of the sites presented in this article , download the software proposed (usually it is simple to install programs , which perform all their functions in an automatic way ) and fill out forms with your data in order to get receive payments.

There are three possible ways used to earn. The most common way is displaying an advertising bar on one side of the monitor (of course its location is left to the user’s choice ) . The tenders not usually need to click on the banner and display the Web pages of advertisers for access to credit, (which may be more common for the many English language sites).

Another criterion is the reception and the subsequent opening of e-mail messages with advertising content. Some sites offer the possibility to earn a bit ‘ of money by opening the emails received on your email inbox . It is not yet widespread in Italy, however , the mode “ multilevel ” . In multilevel you earn a percentage on the basis of the banners displayed in the monitor , and another percentage of people who register with our ID ( identification code for each user ) , called ” direct referrals ” . If they will be active and will seek to involve other people , we will gain a further small percentage of how many of these will have done registering . This “second -level” contacts are our ” indirect referrals .” Affiliandovi these “group ” , for example, you may decide to accumulate credits (or points , depending on the system used ) , also subscribing tourist information programs , online games, fanzines electronic information of all kinds , or by making purchases in stores electronic affiliates, in short, pointing to accept or use the sponsors who , in return, they pay you !

And Privacy ?

Prior to launching and subscribe to one ( or more) of these services , you must of course decide whether or not to provide personal information. In general, the required information shall be limited to questions about the purchasing behavior : you are asked , for example, which is the market sector in which they habitually made ​​more costs if and how often you go to the movies and so on. The business for this kind of companies are in fact just in the customization of advertising banners , crossing your data with the target market for advertisers . All sites ensure that the information provided will remain confidential , that spamming is not part of their company policy and that, in any case , the choice of which fill the field and what is the answer provide as free as possible and no one will ever ask if what is true or not declared , except , of course, name and address , data , however, required to receive credit .

May raise some eyebrows in some receiving promotional material by e- mail: it is one thing to sail with a bar advertising in the background, another to provide your e-mail address to ritrovarselo clogged with advertising. Besides, this is a problem that hovers easily, perhaps by activating a special address for and isolate receive this kind of messages. In conclusion If you entices the idea of ​​earning navigating in complex and if you plan to do the “navigator” a lucrative profession , we regret to tell you that you are wrong profession!

Refunds offered vary between a few dollars about an hour, which, in itself , would not even a few . The problem is that there is a limit to the bottom of the credit that you can accumulate in the sense that on average is paid only an hour a day of sailing or you set a maximum number of hours per month , which may not , however, be overcome . It should also be pointed out that before the levy had often must wait more than a month . Even with these limitations , the judgment that you can give to these initiatives as a whole is quite positive .

If you are not a dedicated surfers and maybe you have not subscribed to a flat rate , why not repay you with this service, the price of the bill ?

The bar is not so annoying banner : Prepare your piggy bank …

Indication of Terms contained in the page :

Banner: The term generally includes a banner particular this kind of advertising on Web pages Just click on them to be linked to the website advertised. In the case of “pay for connect” also indicates the content displayed by the advertising bar .

Download: This term refers to the process of downloading files, documents and software from the Internet to your PC .

Multilevel : Technique , adopted generally in financial firms , splitting the profits made by the individual in increasing percentages with superiors, direct and indirect , in the hierarchy or pyramid of the company or distribution network. The term is also used by analogy in the ” Pay for connect” to indicate the percentage gain on the navigation of the users registered with us .

Pay for connect: Literally means ” pay to surf ‘corresponds to an offer of money in return for the user to view advertisements while surfing the Internet .

Referral : The user is presented to us that they register and use a particular service. In the ” multilevel marketing ” each member earns a percentage of people who sign up and presenting themselves to the service. These people are indeed called referrals.

How to earn browsing Programs

earning browsingTo earn a bit ‘ of money while you surf safely on the Internet, it is obviously necessary to connect to a site that offers this type of service and download the appropriate software . The procedure is , on the whole , pretty simple. Download software for display of banners.

You will be asked which folder you prefer to download the software. For convenience, choose the desk. Once the program is downloaded , locate the icon on the desktop . It is still compressed file and not the actual software . By clicking on this will start the installation process , which will automatically load the software in the Program Files folder in C : Once the installation is complete you will be asked for a user code.

To get it just fill in your data the application form online. Choose a nickname , password, and wait for you to be informed user code . Received the user code , you are ready to earn. Launch your browser. On the bottom of the screen you will see the banner displayed at all times and you can check the amount of your credit.