Delete files indelible

Delete files indelible After reinstalled Windows XP in My old Toshiba laptop, it happens a strange thing. In the second partition “D:” appear two files: “Recycler” and “pagefile.sys”. The system will not let me format the partition NTFS, and the two files are not deleted or allow themselves to move. With certain programs specific you can cancel, but after reappear a few seconds.

How to get rid of it?

By default, Windows XP always creates the Recycler folder and the “pagefile.sys” file in the root folder of any drive letter configured as a hard disk. Become visible when you remove the check mark from the box “Hide protected operating system files ” located on the Display tab of the ” Folder Options” in the Control Panel . The Recycler folder is used to manage the logo  windows XpRecycle Bin, and can clear its size by configuring Windows to directly delete the files that are located on the unit. Right-click the Recycle Bin icon and choose Properties from the menu.Vai to the ” Disc local “, which corresponds to the partition ” D: ” and brings to zero the cursor that decides the maximum size of the Recycler folder , or put the checkmark in the Do not move files to the trash.

The Recycler folder does not prevent you to format the partition with the NTFS file system , so you’ll want to leave a bit of space to the Recycle Bin . If you want to change the partition you have to eliminate ” pagefile.sys ” , which is the swap file used for virtual memory management . You never have to delete it manually , because after a forced removal Windows or programs may stop and force you to turn off your computer.

For successfully delete the file you have to open the System icon in the Control Panel of Windows, or right-click the icon of the My Computer and select the item Proprietà.Vai to the Advanced tab and click the Settings section Prestazioni.Vai to the Advanced tab and click Change , and then click on the D drive and put check mark in the box No such file paging . Click the Set button to activate your choice, then click ” OK ” to close the finestra.Fai still click “OK ” to close the Performance Options window and restart Windows