Delete duplicate files

Probably in your computer are found thousands of files of different types, including images, videos, Office documents making you difficult if not almost impossible to control each element.

If we evaluate at the bottom of this problem, we can clearly come to the conclusion that it is very easy for anyone to meet your hard drive full of duplicate files, partly because the modern browsers automatically rename files that have the same name and the extension during the process download from the internet.

To put a decisive and effective remedy to all this, it is advisable to install a professional software designed precisely to eliminate any duplicate file that is stored on your computer in order to distribute and optimize the entire memory space in the hard disk of your PC.

The name of this program is Easy Duplicate Finder and its operation does not require any particular technical knowledge. To download the program click here .Fully compatible with Windows 7, this application is designed to quickly scan your operating system , to the meticulous research of each element equal to release a detailed report at the end of the analysis.

Once installed, Easy Duplicate Finder, you do not have to set any special settings, as it is ready to work quickly. All you need to do is select the folder or the area of ​​the operating system, in which to search for the presence of files unnecessarily duplicates.


Easy Duplicate Finder is optimized for search in detail all the same images that are present in separate directories on the PC, that you do it manually without wasting a lot of time and without getting any concrete results and secure. In addition to the duplicate photos, the software allows you through a quick wizard also search theduplicate songs , the mp3 duplicates downloaded from the network, the movies or videos with the same content and file Word, PowerPoint and Excel .

To enable scanning from the control panel first of all select the folder that you want to analyze.

 To confirm the operation, click the button Start .

The duration of the scan depends on the amount of data subject to control, but in most cases it should not take more than 1 minute. The result is truly remarkable and always from the main interface of the application you know all the duplicate files that most likely until now not even aware of it.

From my tests, only on the desktop, the program has identified 259 duplicate files on 1910 scanned items. Very interesting is the value immediately highlighted space unnecessarily busy , which is always in my example is a result of 11MB.

Among the various operations that can be performed are included with Easy Duplicate Finder, you have the same renaming each file (in case you do not want to cancel), the displacement of the mass in a specific folder  that may be present in an external hard drive or a USB stick and the elimination faster with just one click.

However, all selected files before they are permanently deleted from your computer, go to the basket so that if you have done some wrong operation’re always able to restore any deleted document. In the event that you have emptied the recycle bin, you can always retrieve the file from your hard drive that you removed with the help of special programs such as Spotmau PowerSuite Golden or ADRC Data Recovery.

To complete the delete operation you must select all the duplicate files that have been identified. In the trial version of the software, you unfortunately the limit to 10 rows above which you must proceed with the registration and the related purchase the full license which costs about € 23.

Easy Duplicate Finder lends itself, therefore, as a software to optimize your computer helping you to clean your hard disk by the presence of all the files that weigh down the operating system.