Defragment your RAM

Good memory optimization means speed and stability.
The RAM memory , such as hard drives , from time to time must be optimized .

How to defragment RAM

Fast Defrag 2 is a program (free and in Italian ) that controls the management of the RAM installed in your computer , optimizing the operation and proceeding with its Defragment RAMdefragmentation.

This type of memory , in fact , is used to allocate (even if only temporarily) the data, and it may happen that this appears fragmented , as is the case for packed files to the hard disk . In these pages we explain how this small but powerful program , whose aim is to increase the stability and speed of your computer.
Among other data , there are also the total amount of installed memory and the total of what is available . If you click the Clear button , the program tries to recover most of free memory as possible without close open programs or operating system components active . The second screen , namely ” task manager ” , gives you the ability to scroll through the list of programs currently running on your system and , if necessary, close one or more processes , simply by pressing the Stop button after selecting each individual process .
When you attempt to close a process, the program will warn you that the operation is possible, but tricky . In some cases, in fact , close the wrong process could mean a loss of data or system instability .

ramIn this regard, before closing processes that do not know , you better find out what program they relate if you can finish it without any problems or if it is better to leave them running. Select the item that interests you, then click the ” Locate process “, as shown in the figure. Automatically opens a Windows Explorer session , which will reveal what the executable file (system or not ) refers to the process. The tab ” OS ” allows you to access some of the most important tools for customizing the operating system , such as Control Panel, the registry, Remove Programs, and so on.

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Among these, it is also accessible to the folder “Startup” , where they are inserted links to those programs that are opened automatically when you start the operating system. The ” Opt. program ” contains the customization options of Fast Defrag . These are divided into two groups: the “Options” and “Additional Options ” . The first are used to customize the operation of the program , and the latter to change its appearance . At the bottom of the window is a reference to the “Memory guardian .” It is a tool that allows you to streamline the optimization of memory by starting the cleaning if certain conditions related to specific parameters. Simply put : you can specify that if the virtual memory usage exceeds 25% of the total, starts cleaning and optimization. You can also determine when each procedure , setting the interval in minutes .
How to Stabilize the Ram

It is not necessary to keep open the program to ensure that your memory is always under control. If you click on the Hide button , the program will close icon. This is located in the system tray , near the clock. If you position the mouse pointer over the icon , you can see at any time what is the use of physical memory and virtual .

 item we found to our Terms , if you do not know the meaning, here’s a little explanation

Defragmentation: When you apply the normal functions of moving, changing, and deleting documents , folders and applications , the available space on the hard drive is ” fragmented ” that is no longer running, but broken up into several portions of the disk ( cluster ) very distant between them. So, when other data are stored on disk, they go to occupy the free spaces available , fragmenting . Defragmenting approximates the fragments of files and folders , optimizing the size of disk space and speeding up the reading of data.
Executable: program files , usually with the extension . ” Exe” or . ” Com” , which can be started with a double -click ( in Windows ) or by typing its name and pressing the Enter key ( in DOS ) .

Paging File : A file used by Windows as virtual memory. On the hard drive is a special file created to store information essential to the operation of the operating system and programs. If the amount of RAM memory is insufficient for the management of information, use is made of the swap file on the hard disk.
RAM: Random Access Memory . The main memory installed in the computer , a fundamental component for its operation and attached to the motherboard tramiti the slots . This is a random access memory where you store the application data in use and allow its use . Its characteristic is to retain the information only as long as the computer is turned on. The amount of data that the RAM can store is measured in Megabytes.
Registry: Document key of Windows, which contains numerous information necessary for the operation of the operating system, the hardware peripherals and all installed applications. The registry is modified continuously by the applications in use, and is rarely asked to handle it or change it. SO : ( In English OS) Operating System Acronym meaning