Creating Images with Reflection

Today we see how to create images with the reflection in a very simple and fast.

Let’s start off with the ‘ online application Reflectomatic , great service now in version 1.9, the operation is very simple, you put the url and you get the html to be inserted, however, the eye of a geek, you notice that it is obtained only due to the string alt = “” class = “reflect” after the image link, so it is scarcely used in forums or blogs, so here is a photoshop tutorial to solve this problem

Open Photoshop. Recall File > New and create the document with the appropriate measures to work.

From the Tools click on text , choose a readable font and write what you want on the document.
Now Duplicate the layer on the palette Levels 
(the text layer, click the right mouse button and choose Duplicate Layer ).
Now calls Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical .

Align it so that it fits perfectly .

RIP reflects the text by right-clicking on the layer and select Rasterize .
Create the layer mask recalling Level > Layer Mask > Reveal All . Click on the level (see arrow), click on the instrument Gradient 
and draws a line perpendicular from the top downwards.
If it is too dark, go to the palette levels and decrease the opacity .