How to create PDF files easy and free

How to create PDF files easily and free . In the previous step by step we have dealt with many times as you can view , print, and manage your PDF files that you can download from the Internet, receive e -mail or find some hardware product as a textbook in electronic format.

PDF files are also a great way to scan documents without changing the format and layout. In these pages we show you how easy it can be to create your own PDF documents , thanks to the program PDF995 .
The PDF files have been invented by the famous Adobe
Generally , this name is associated with Acrobat , Adobe’s a very popular program that allows you to create this type of file and view them with the free program Adobe Acrobat create PDF filesReader. The full version of the software is quite expensive and , moreover , while offering countless possibilities , is not exempt from complicated. Can be found on the Web of simple programs to free license , which allows you to create PDF files without spending one euro, and especially without creating too many grattacapi.Il software we have chosen as an example to be used in these pages is called PDF995.

Reference site :
When there appears to PDF995 home page , click on the “Downloads” ( on the top menu ) . At this stage you have to restrict yourself to download the file and install it, the technical explanation is quite long and if you want clarification of the small box you can referrer to present in these pages.
Start by downloading the necessary files first : ” PDF995 Printer Driver ” Save the program in the folder that is most comfortable for you , or the one where you keep all the source files of the programs. If you do not know where to save the file, the Windows desktop may be , as usual, a valid scelta.A provided, however , that is not the document you fill !

Once you have chosen the destination folder of Programs, click again on “ Save“. The file has a size of 1.2 Mb, with a slow connection if there are no major hitches , you should take about ten minutes . When the program is fully downloaded , double-click on the setup file to begin the installation . Initially, a screen will appear with instructions for the installation , not particularly significant. The duration of the installation of the software is variable , depending on libraries that may already be installed on your computer, in the event that , in the past, you have already installed software to create PDF .

 creation of PDF files At this point, you are prompted to install a another conversion program . Click ” Yes” to continue.
At this point you will open your default browser, and you will see the download page from which you downloaded PDF995 .

This time, you have to click on another link: one related to the program convert.

For do so , you must click the link corresponding to the description “Free Converter2.In thus proceed to the download of the file” Ps2pdf995.exe ” , about 5 Mb.Quando the download is complete , double-click the file icon . To complete the installation of the drive, and in the meantime also lead to the end of PDF995 , you need to read the instructions that are shown on screen in the new screen.

After reading the instructions , you can click on ” Accept” ( accept terms and conditions ) for continuare.A this point the installation is complete and you are ready to create your first file PDF.Vi also remember that once you create PDF files with PDF995 can no longer change .
To generate a PDF from a Word file , or any other file , you must first select the appropriate print options in the menu File.Select , from the toolbar in Word, the File I / Stamp. In the  window that opens , choose as a print option ” PDF995 ” and click “OK” at this point , the next step will be to baptize the file, give it a name in the “File name” and then click “Save.”

The PDF995 program will create the file.

At this point, unfortunately, unless you have purchased the program in its full version , you’ll have to put up with an annoying screen advertising that will be placed at the center of the screen, until the end of the process of generating the PDF. The creation time of the file depends on many factors, including the size of the document . In normal conditions , it may take from 5 to 10 seconds for each pagina.

Once the file has been created , you can click on “Continue ” .

Finally you have created your first PDF.La first thing to do at this point , is to check the file you just double-click on creato.Fateci .
Assuming that you have the Adobe Reader program , they will be opened and you can see your work .

The creation of PDF files spawns a process that is called “Converting Postscript .”

Do not worry too much about knowing all the secrets of this process , the important thing is to know that conversion is required when creating a Postscript file PDF.PDF995 offers a program for this type of conversion. It is a free software but it is not automatically installed . Make sure that your computer does not already exist a program for converting Postscript . If there is, you do not need to download another .