Convert Images to Text

When we scan a few pages, such as a book, they are saved in digital format on your computer. So if we want studiarcele we have to do is open it and start reading, or print and then to study them in comfort lying on the bed.

However, we will always find a scanned page, so even with all the unnecessary elements. To optimize our study, and also for any other reason, you need to change the text so that you have only the most essential parts, so a kind of emphasis, of course, the text of an image can not be edited, so it is this case it looks for an OCR to turn the image into text.

The OCR services then allow you to upload an image containing the text you want to convert, and then, start the process, we will get soon the text into editable format, ready to be copied and pasted wherever we want.

The service that we propose this place right. It’s called New OCR and is located at this address.

As with all facilities such use is not nothing complicated by clicking on “Browse” we will have to upload a picture in one of these formats; JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files, and the maximum size of 1 Mb.

Below, therefore, we select the language in which the text, and possibly a scaling percentage is written (this only if we have problems with word recognition).

At the end click on “send file”. The thus text will be converted into editable text, and will be shown in the window below. Mistakes are very minimal and will only have a few tweaks here and there to have a text the same as the image.