How to control and manage wireless networks?

With inSSIDer, which is a small, simple and free program, we can control and manage wireless networks to try to solve the most common problems that may affect the performance of our free Wi-Fi.
How to control and manage wireless networks?

First we download inSSIDer (this version is compatible with Windows Vista and later). Once installed, the program will open the screen Learn:
At this point you have to go on the screen Networks:

From this screen you will see what is the MAC address of Router / Access Point that emits the signal, the network name (SSID), the channel on which the signal is transmitted , the signal strength (in decibels also called RSSI) that changes color depending on the intensity, the security protocol used, the type and speed of the network, the type of signal (802.11 a / ​​b / g / n / ac) used, and the wireless card manufacturer. If you want to add or remove any of these items just click the right button on the column and choose which items we want to display.inSSIDer

Once you have selected the network of our interest we can see on the left a graph that allows us to see how the signal strength varies over time, while the screen (or screens) below, we can see which bands networks work (from View menu we can choose whether to display the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or both, as in the image above).
Using these graphs, the program allows us to understand what are the networks to which you can connect, choose the best spot to place our Router / Access Point by simply checking the signal strength, select the channel where there is less interference with other networks (which usually is the main reason why a wireless signal drops or disconnects), and other useful things like that.

manage wireless networks

should be noted that the program is not miraculous because wireless networks interfere with other electrical appliances such as microwave oven, the TV (or the screen) CRT, cordless phones, and others. However inSSIDer is very useful, allowing us to control and manage wireless networks in case of problems.
If you are interested, there is also a free version for smartphones and tablets Android.