What is the cloud and how it works?

A short article that explains, what is the cloud and how it works, listing also the best free to use it.
Today, thanks to the spread of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, laptops, ultrabook, the Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connections, we are able to access the internet almost anywhere, with all the benefits that derived. But sometimes it can happen that creating a file for the job, on your home computer, the next day we go out forgetting to bring that file with us, or may happen to end up with multiple copies of the same file, but not with what we really need. At worst, it can happen even losing our smartphone or our tablet  or, even worse, that these chains and consequently lose all our precious files.

What is the cloud and how it works?

What is the cloudTo solve these and other similar problems, we find solace in the cloud , but what is it and how does it work? Cloud (read Claud ) is derived from the cloud and that is not a space for personal storage (it is also called cloud storage ), accessible at any time and in any place, simply by connecting to the internet. The main advantage of the cloud is that, when they have this personal space, we can synchronize all our files in it and then we can, riscaricarli, edit, delete, and at the same time, we will be certain to find them as well as we had left them , then we will no longer need to carry external hard drives , USB pen drive , or anything else that we can lose or forget. In addition to this, if you wish, we will also have the opportunity to share our files with whoever we want (and how long you want) with advantages of convenience and comfort.
There is to be trusted?

Maybe you will not feel safe to leave your files scattered somewhere, but did you know that you already do for some time and have not you ever noticed. What do I mean? I refer to the email at the email address or better, in fact, the email is nothing more than your own private space to which only you can access, anytime and anywhere.

The mechanism of the cloud is more or less the same except that instead of send, read and delete messages, send, read, modify, delete discharges and archives your files just like you do now with your smartphone, your tablet, your computer or any other device.

But is it free?

Yes, within certain limits, is completely free, but if we needed we can have more space available (even of the same size, if not more, of our hard disk ) by paying a certain amount per month (nothing prohibitive anyway) but I believe, however, that already the available space free is more than sufficient.

How and where can I get my cloud storage?

If you already use a Google email address or an email address for the Microsoft (hotmail, live, outlook, etc.) have already provided this cloud space of 16 gigabytes respectively with regard to Google Drive and 7 gigabytes regarding Microsoft OneDrive , simply start using it.
For those who do not have or do not want to use the space cloud of these free services, there are really for “everyone”. It must be said that some services allow you to increase this free space free up to a certain limit, performing certain actions (such as inviting friends to sign up, put a “Like” on the Facebook page and stuff like that). In the following list, by the way, I have indicated the space base available free of charge:

  • Dropbox  (2 Gigabytes)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive  (with 5 gigabytes)
  • iCloud (5 gigabytes for those who use iPhone, iPad, and, in general, devices from Apple)
  • Copy (15 gigabytes)
  • Mega (50 gigabytes)
  • ADrive (50 gigabytes)
  • SurDoc (100 gigabytes)
  • Yunio (well 1000 gigabytes free, ie 1 terabyte )

In addition to these there are others, free or not, but once you choose what interests us (none, however, forbids us to use more than one), simply register and, optionally, download the app for our smartphones, to the our tablet or our computer (portable or not), and then you can begin to upload our files, waiting for it to be synchronized. Now that you know what is the cloud and how it works , from now on, our files will be accessible everywhere!