Clean Pc Cleaner with Slim

Now let us see a very interesting software to keep installed as a utility for your PC to keep it in shape but also to avoid to keep it slow and mostly unusable when we need a little ‘performance in multimedia use, for lagrafica and also for games.

The program that we are going to offer today comes from the software company that has produced two interesting utility for PCs that are Slim and Slim Computer Drivers. Today, however, we talk about Slim Cleaner , a great resource for freeware clean our computers and to optimize our Windows. With this application installed and is compatible with operating systems from Microsoft.

The software has a very intuitive interface but not minimalist at the same time, indeed, very interesting and with very vivid colors.

The software, once installed, will show us all the unwanted software just like the toolbar, or the self-installing software and services from the web. We will also have the opportunity to clean your computer from temporary files and logs.

In addition to this feature we are able to optimize your PC. Optimization can go through to start automatically with Windows, managing starts and shutdowns of desired or unwanted applications.

You may remove the files and residents folders in our system, simply shattering without the need to pass them to the trash, or even, quick access, with buttons and quick links to the main features of our operating system and specifically the panel control.

The software Slim Cleaner is currently a beta, the downloadable version in fact is not the final one, but by no means be considered as a shareware, it works perfectly and no bugs that can create problems for the operating system, or non-functional for what we go to install the software.

Obviously there are several alternatives. We report the list of programs to clean the Pc published here where there are some free applications that provide functionality rather similar.

Clean the PC with free programs turns out to be very simple.