Tips for buying a computer to surf and work

How much does a computer that allows you to work and surf the Internet , play and exploit sufficiently the latest multimedia products ?

We asked this simple question to some of the largest producers of computers, puts a condition that the configuration was complete with monitor, modem , sound card and speakers. In almost all cases, there have been proposed with sophisticated computer configurations and processors among the most innovative . Needless to say, as the price was well above 500 Euro excluding VAT.

But is it really necessary to spend all this money to be able to appreciate what the network makes available to us and the best use of traditional office programs ?

We have now drastically reduced the hypothetical figure at our disposal, limiting it to only 400 dollars including VAT .

Miraculously , all manufacturers contacted were able to provide excellent complete configurations coming in , in most cases , within the parameters set .

We do not want to argue that the eight computer that you are going to propose can keep pace , performance and functionality , with the first class , but we important computer , however, emphasize that it is possible to build a PC that allows you to work and play in a more than satisfactory , but does not have much money. We wanted to add the ” detail ” just to help you recognize the features that characterize each of these PCs , both internally and externally , hoping that there is more help in deciphering the mysterious acronyms that often cover the brochures and packaging that can find in the stores. Some details highlighted relate to particular components of the motherboard, one of the most obscure and lesser-known inside the PC . We will try to tell you about articles in the ever more clearly that everything about this essential component.

We also wanted to show in detail the onboard sound , which are placed directly on the plate, with outputs for connecting the media placed on the same line of the serial and parallel ports . I more interested in the hardware section of the PC instead discover how you can set in quickly and easily , the speed of the working frequency of the computer, pressing those little levers that make up the control unit of the motherboard, learning to control the settings set by your reseller are the correct ones , so as to prevent dangerous overloading of the system (called ” overclocking “). A quick look at chipset from VIA product will allow you to recognize if your motherboard is fitted with them . Not wanting to overdo it , so we went in search of just eight essential elements, a small hardware Step by step to learn how to recognize some of the most innovative characteristics of the computers currently on the market . The overall As our custom, at the end of the test, we compiled a ranking that takes into account rigorously the quality of the components installed , overall performance , and with applications for office and multimedia products , and methods of sales and service .

Choose which computer to buy

which computer to buyBeing dedicated computers for those approaching for the first time in the world of computer science, in the final judgment we gave greater prominence to the possibility for the user to make use of the technical service of the manufacturer, and the presence of office programs included in the price . It is therefore not surprising that some configurations with performance slightly below average , however, have obtained a judgment more flattering , giving the prospective buyer a greater variety of ancillary services .

What features to look for to determine if a computer is recent.

In order to have four USB ports, it was necessary to install an additional board , positioned above the motherboard. USB devices can be connected in a ” cascade ” , a total of 127 devices . The maximum transmission rate of this type of door is 12 megabits per second , equivalent to about 1.4 MBps . But they are not all rosy , since the available transmission bandwidth should be divided for each new device that is connected . So be careful to connect peripheral devices such as terminals , scanners and digital cameras, which require an intense passage of data. The chipset allows the AGP controller to work at twice the speed than is normally the case with traditional platforms. If you have a video card with a bus speed, this feature allows you to achieve excellent performance with all the multimedia applications , including video games . This chipset also allows you to use both new memories both hard drives with SATA interface . In line with the features of the chipset inside of this PC was added a memory module compliant PC133 , with access time of only 7 ns .

This little control box allows you to set the following parameters: the frequency of the processor , the multiplication factor for which it is possible to reach the operating frequency of the CPU , the speed of the AGP bus , where the latter depends on the system . The various combinations are obtained by varying the position of the levers ( ” dip switches ” ) , combinations are also shown on the printed manual that came with the card ( written in English ) and , in any case , even on the plate, in the form of screen-printed tables . The operation with which you vary the normal working frequency of the processor is defined as ” overclocking ” , hence the slang term computer ” overclock ” . The big heatsink positioned above the processor , of which only emerge in the photo the connection pins to the socket housing , it is necessary to remove the heat produced by the CPU , one of the PC components that must withstand the higher frequencies. Normally a fan tachometer is added above the grid to promote cooling of the system.

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computerQuesti purchase kits can also be purchased separately. In case you want to increase the frequency of the CPU , you have the foresight to ventilate properly, thus avoiding unnecessary overheating, damaging in the long run , if not dangerous , for the system as a whole. The motherboard manufacturers have been ordered to paint the inputs and outputs for connecting external devices , a factor which greatly facilitates their recognition even by inexperienced users. The motherboard integrates the audio and then mounted directly on the plate also connectors for connecting the media : speakers, microphone and headphones.

It should , however, pay attention to a minimum of serigraphy on the rear of the plate , which identify the functions of the different connectors . On the motherboard are visible the double set of connectors Ultra DMA , the first blacks and blue seconds. The DMA interface allows you to get a theoretical speed of data transfer to / from the hard drive, twice the guaranteed DMA interface . The recognition of the hard disk does not happen automatically , however : we need to know in advance the type of interface to use, install the drivers that came with the motherboard and, finally , connect the hard drive to the connector chosen . The type of ribbon cable is the same for both communication standards .Computer will not turn causes
In the motherboard package also included a coupon also has three USB ports, you can connect to many external devices that use the appropriate interface . Those who have a special LCD monitor , can take advantage of digital communication of data between the graphics card and screen , without having to decode the signal into analog , and thus avoiding any loss of image quality. The maximum resolution is in this case limited to 1680 x 1050 points, while with traditional CRT CRT screens , the maximum attainable resolution is 1920 x 1440.

The two leading manufacturers of PC processors , AMD and Intel, have made it particularly hard life of the designers of motherboards , eliminating any compatibility between the models of the CPU. Finite then the good times Socket socket that allowed the installation of any brand of processor , we are now in the position of having to select the type of motherboard to install according to the CPU choice.

In this case the Athlon can only be installed on socket SlotA , a proprietary variant of AMD than Slot1 designed by Intel . The different ” pin ” prevents the housing of a different processor than the Athlon series .

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