Best sites convert files to PDF online

Best sites for free and convert files to PDF online

You will certainly have to have to convert a document or a text file in PDF . There are a lot of services that allow you to convert PDF files online and free , but many require you having to download and install anything, even other install and configure a virtual printer (such as PDFCreator ).

However, there are also a lot of services where you just upload the document and then convert it to PDF, all directly online.


The 7 best sites for free and convert files to PDF online


Free File Converter allows you to convert a significant amount of files like documents, pictures, music, videos, presentations and of course PDF. After selecting the input file (with a maximum size of 300 megabytes), you can select the output format (which varies according to the input, click here to know the complete list). Once you convert the files online, you can download directly, or in a compressed zip archive zip through a link that will remain active for 12 hours. If you prefer, there is also the possibility to convert a video file, or an audio file, taking the URL directly from various video portals such as , and many others.


Through Neevia we can convert different types of formats. The output format can be PDF, PDF / A , PostScript , EPS , BMP , JPEG , TIFF , PCX and PNG . Furthermore, by Neevia, we can compress , merge together (up to 10 files), or resize the file in PDF. On Neevia you can convert files with a maximum size of 2 megabytes, choose the compatibility of the file, the file’s resolution (in DPI ) and you can also encrypt the PDF files with a password or add us even a logo. Once you convert the document, we can send via email or let us wait to download it directly from the browser.

Conv2pdf allows you to convert PDF files that have a maximum size of 6 megabytes. It supports a large amount of files and also allows you to protect and / or to assign permissions to edit, read and print the PDF file. After converting the file, you can download it directly or have it sent via email (even to multiple recipients at the same time).

Cometdocs not only allows you to convert files to PDF, but also offers the ability to convert files by importing them directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. Once you upload the files to be converted in the main area, you can drag tabs and Convert, Transfer, Host or Store for, respectively, convert it, send it (to one or more email addresses), save ( by registering a free account) or host , to obtain a public connection, valid 24 hours, from which to download it. Unfortunately, to get the converted file, you must enter an email. Cometdocs also has applications both for Windows for smartphones and tablets ( iOS , such as iPhone / iPad, and Android ).

PDF24 provides several tools including the ability to convert files to PDF directly online . PDF24 allows you to convert files to PDF from: html, images, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, and Postscript text. After choosing the file you want to convert, you need to enter your email address where you can receive the converted file once and then click Convert and send . If we want to handle the output PDF file is not possible to do it directly online but you need to install the virtual printer . In addition to this, PDF24 provides the ability to convert files to PDF by sending them via email .


PDF2x is one of many services offered by Sciweavers among which there is the possibility to convert the files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, Postscript, images) into PDF through x2PDF , is to convert PDF to other formats by PDF2x . Once you have selected the file you want to convert (you can upload directly from your computer or via a URL) simply need to click on Convert . After the conversion, you will create a link from which to download the converted file (which is inserted into a compressed archive format zip ). The site also offers the ability to embed a gadget on its website and the possibility to install an ‘ extension for Google Chrome .

7-PDF Web Portal allows you to convert well 84 types of files into PDF. Unfortunately you can only convert a PDF file at a time but even if there is the possibility to choose from a large amount of options. After first loading the file to convert, and then, if desired, make your selections, simply click Convert to PDF! After the conversion is complete, the file will be downloaded directly to your computer. 7-PDF Web Portal even offers the ability to download a library for both Java for PHP in order to make an application that contains the functionality to create PDF.

Of course, in addition to these 7 sites, there are many other services that allow you to convert PDF files online and free , but many restrictions apply such as adding a logo, the inability to upload files larger than a certain size, and other things such then, this list is supposed to be a collection of the best sites “that create less problems.”

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