Best programs for Windows

A computer turns on and can be used even without going to install any program, but how many things would be able to do? Many in any case, how to write, store, etc. calculate. But unless you have done a formatting is highly unlikely that a new computer has already installed some programs to factory settings for promotional purposes.Excel spreadsheets greek pi

These have a limited lifespan to 30 days after activation and who can not afford it will go in search of alternatives possibly free. Once it was really hard to replace some programs for PC , to the point that the web turned several serial and pirated copies of any kind, while now there are resources available to all, free and complete. Do not continue to go to trial, if you are looking for the best programs for Windows PC to download and install safely, then you are right. On this page you can find all the links to find the program described directly from the official website or from any reliable sources; programs present here will be divided according to their functionality.



Although compared to the past, new Windows PC are safer, it does not mean that you should not install an antivirus. These are among the lightest and reliable:  AvastAvira  AVG , Microsoft Security Essential , Panda , Bitdefender .


Sometimes the virus is smart enough to be able to overcome the barriers of anti-defensive, in this case a solution could be the anti-malware such as Spybot , Malwarebytes , Kaspersky , AdwCleaner.


A firewall (= fire wall) is a protection of the internet. For your safety should always be enabled before connecting to a network. These are the best: ZoneAlarm , Comodo .


Although Internet Explorer is repeated for each version of Windows with the improvements, it is still limited and often slow. Here are some of the best browser for speed and features: Google Chrome , Firefox , Opera .

Maintenance and Optimization

Computers tend to get slower over time because accumulate obsolete files and junk on your hard disk, in this regard may come in handy some programs to repair and clean Windows and optimize your PC, such as: CCleaner , Glary Utilities , Convenient System Cleaner , GPU-Z , Process Explorer, PC Wizard , WinUtilities ,


Even if the defragmentation of files on the hard disk is not as important as it was in the past, because they are much lighter and capacious, it does not mean it should not be made ​​ever (even just 1 only once a year). Those listed are some excellent programs to defragment the hard drive: AuslogicDefragglerSmart Defrag .


Backup hard drive or some specific folders or files is often underestimated, but over time could prove very important. Here are some great programs:  MoziClonezillaCopyTo SynchronizeFBackupFreeFileSync .


In the work of the office it becomes imperative to have a computer program that can be able to manage the main types of formats text documents, create graphs and charts, to convert a file to PDF and more. In this regard it reports: Libre Office , OpenOffice , NanoCad , Notepad ++ , doPDF, Nitro PDF , FoxIt reader , PDFTK Builder , PDF XChange Viewer , Text Editor VIM , pdfsam .

File recovery

It can happen to anyone losing or deleting important files, through these powerful software you will be able to retrieve them:  RecuvaFreeUndeleteDara RecoveryPandora .

Removing files

Some programs that make it easy to uninstall:  Revo UninstallerGeek UninstallerMenu UninstallerAbsolute UninstallerAdvanced Uninstaller Pro .

Compressing files

Since the current hard drives are relatively low cost and are much more spacious than in the past, should not perform file compression to save space. However, compressing files can be useful to combine them into a single file for easy sharing online. These are among the best applications:Winrar , 7zip , Peazip , Universal Extractor , IZArc .

File Management

Are some of the best programs that will allow you to better organize storing files online and synchronize between different PC, also have other related functions and interesting point out only the most important: Dropbox , Google Drive , OneDrive , Unlocker , Filezilla , AxCrypt , SyncToy .

Photos and images

Below you can see some of the best programs for editing and managing images and photos: Google Picasa , Gimp , , Fanstone Image Viewer , Photo Story , Irfanview , Photoscape ,Inkscape ,

Audio software

A list of programs for playing music, to modify and edit music and sound files, allowing you to organize it by creating a playlist and more. Here are their names:  Audacity , Songbird , Spotify ,Winamp Lite , Foobar2000 , MediaMonkey , TagScanner , MusicBee , Jaangle ,


Here is a list of programs to open any video format (MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF, RMVB), to convert video to another format or to create video editing and video editing: VLC Media Player ,Handbrake , VirtualDub , Media Player Classic , CamStudio , XSplit , Jing , Miro , UMPlayer , Plex .PotPlayer , Freemake , K Lite Codec .


These programs are useful for burning CD / DVD / HD-DVD / Blu-ray, to mount ISO images on a CD or DVD virtual etc. Here are the best: ImgBurn , CDBurnerXP , bitRipper , CDex , Dubaron CD2ISO ,Virtual CloneDrive , DVDShrink , DVD Flick , WinCDEmu , DVDfab , Daemon Tools .

Email client

An email client is a program that can allow fast reading of any provider of email (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc ,,.). Here are the best that offer this service:  ThunderbirdPostboxGoogle Notifier .


The best programs for downloading files from the Internet: uTorrent , Deluge , Free Download Manager , FlashGet , JDownloader , Mipony .


Chats are an important tool for making new friends and comunitare using a computer. These are some of the best instant messaging services:  SkypeFacebook MessengerViberTrillianPidgin .

Graphics and desktop background

Some programs to improve and customize the desktop and background: Fences , Rainlendar , ClipX, VirtuaWin , Dexpot , Launchy , Sent To Toys , Q-Dir , Ditto .


Best programs to protect data access to an important site (eg. E-mail): LastPass . KeePass ,VeraCrypt .