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If you happen to use clip-art ( those little doodles , which remain detailed even at high magnifications ) you’ll see that it is much easier to enlarge a vector drawing – that is composed of mathematically defined lines and curves – that a bitmap image , that is composed of an array of pixel.Ora , suppose you have a program that can load a bitmap image , and Download software search per windows 7 - Windows Searchexamine its contents to mathematically reconstruct his lines . Once you have created a mathematical model of the image vector , the program will enlarge as a clip -art, without loss of detail .

A program of this type is PhotoZoom Pro , produced by ShortCut and available in Windows and Macintosh versions to 129 Euros . It analyzes the resulting images and profiles of the subjects in particular calls Spline curves . Based on this mathematical reconstruction is possible to obtain much higher magnifications of usually equal quality .

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Program to enlarge a photo Obviously, there are images of other more suitable to this type of treatment : photos that contain clean lines and contrasting will enlarge better than others that have pastel shades and contrasts accentuati.Sta little of the fact that such programs often allow enlargements otherwise unthinkable , as can be seen in the example below . A tip: if you use a program like this to zoom in on a detail , the magnification should be applied to the whole picture and only then go to carefully cut out the subject from reincollare in the original image , this will reduce some of the artifacts which often form the edge of the selection, and they tend to reveal the photomontage executed.
PhotoZoom Pro uses special mathematical algorithms to produce magnifications possible with the only PhotoShop or other photo editing programs generic
PhotoZoom software is a magnification of the image for use with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro



PhotoZoom is compatible with:
Adobe Photoshop (64- bit and 32- bit)
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Corel PaintShop Pro X5 , X4
Corel PHOTO -PAINT X6 (64- bit and 32- bit)
Software supports the following languages :
Requirements Sistena :
Mac or Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista , XP
Download programs to enlarge the photos BenVista PhotoZoom

Increasingly difficult

Let us now return to the dot syndrome . In the article photo editing programs enlarge a digital photo Suppose we want to zoom in on a subject that is too far away, so as to give it greater weight in the frame, but without sacrificing the elements of the background, or keeping the entire screen . It is , in practice, to artificially bring the subject to the camera , so that he remains behind the full frame of the church that we visited or the park where we would trek. To see how to proceed, we chose the photo of a herd of bulls . For reasons that I will not be here to tell you , it is advisable to photograph these animals from a respectful distance . Suppose , however, that to give more character to ‘ frame ( or show it off to friends ) would like to have a closer bull – for example, third from left , who is peacefully grazing but could also have his head down because he prepares to attack you.

To view this detail, you need to first isolate it from the background , creating a selection. The editing programs provide several tools to create a free profile selections . In PhotoShop we could use the Lasso tool , Magic Wand , or the Paths of Masks ; Elements , more basic, has some tool less. In this particular case , given that the subject is almost monochromatic and distinct from the green of the grass , the fastest method is to use the magic wand and refine the details using the Quick Mask mode : everything is colored outside the selection , everything which is not colored is part of the selection. So we isolate our bull and copy it to a new level , or if you prefer to create a blank image large enough , drop it there , then go into the menu Image, Resize , Scale ( Edit, Transform , Scale in Photoshop “Pro” ) and proceed to enlarge the bull by dragging the corner of the clipping rectangle . If instead of using a separate file level , made from the Image menu , Image Size with the same logic applied above to the picture of the flamingo.

Having obtained the desired size , if you have been working on a separate file copied and reglued the larger bull , if you have been working on a level , check that it is above the background layer , and replace the bull where you need it – remember that it is now the largest , then to maintain the correct perspective must be put lower in the meadow . At this point, if you have not exaggerated with the magnification , the new bull seem to have been there forever . In the case looks a bit ‘ “light” – that seems to be flying – remember to creargli shadow on the ground , slightly darkening the lawn ( for the position, look where the shadows have other objects in the shot. If you have exaggerated with the magnification , you’ll have a curious dark spot profiles squared placed in the foreground, in the background a meadow of bulls and razor sharp but distant .

If the zoom factor that you needed was just that , it means that the limited resources of photo editing programs are not enough: you need to use dedicated tools , which in some cases get better results ( see box) but at the price of high costs and often unjustified to use a purely hobby .

If you want to experience , on the site BenVista there is a demo version of the program dedicated PhotoZoom with which you can get an idea of what you can get. But , we repeat once again , do not expect miracles. The rule to follow , as always, is to make the picture right from the start


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