Backup Firefox Bookmarks

A few weeks ago, I was the sad situation of accidentally deleting all bookmarks in Firefox . Consider that it took me several years to create all the bookmarks and had about 300 sites listed. Therefore, when I realized to have them removed completely, you can imagine the state of mind!

A friend of mine, however, is a different situation happened, but with the same consequences. Due probably to a particular virus, had corrupted all the bookmarks with the result of not being able to open, because every link appeared broken. He also had a selection of beautiful and important resources, guides and favorite sites in the Firefox bookmarks. logo firefox

To avoid that you are in our absurd and irreversible situation, Firefox offers several tools to allow you to save all your settings, including Favorites.

If you use more than one computer, you can create a synchronization among all the Firefox browser, which allows you to easily restore all your bookmarks in case you need it.

Open your Firefox browser, click the menu Tools and then Configure Sync .

Since this is the first time you use this service, you must create a personal account synchronization. Click Create a new account .

Please enter a valid email address and a password. When you’re done, click Next.

Since it uses a remote server, Firefox will ensure that every connection is encrypted in a secure environment. You are given an encryption key personnel and unambiguous, print it as it is not technically possible to recover it in case you lose it.

If you press the Sync Options access to a second window in which you can decide which items to sync and which to exclude. Click the button Done and then Next to continue with the next step.

After entering the code AntiSpam and AntiRobot to verify that you are a real user, you have finished the whole process of synchronization.

Now in case you need to access your firefox sync from another computer, the steps to follow are fast and simple. Click on the menu item Tools and then select Options . In the window that opens, click the Sync tab. In the center click the button Configure Firefox Sync .

Under the button Create a new account, you have to click the button Connect . It opens a window that displays the code of the secondary computer that will be used in the primary computer when you want to add a device to sync.

Everything explained for synchronization, allows you to save your bookmarks only when you have more computers available . What happens, however, if you have only one PC? Well, the task is even easier, since you have to export your bookmarks in a single file and save it in a safe place. Let’s see how to do!

Open your Firefox browser, click the menu item to the Bookmarks and then Show All Bookmarks .

In the window that opens, click on the tab Import, and Save and then the voice Export bookmarks to HTML , so you export your favorites. I suggest that you save the file in a safe place, easily retrievable in case you need it.

To import the file, you can do so from the same control panel, click on the heading Import Bookmarks from HTML . An alternative to importing files, you can restore the latest backup version stored in the browser, clicking the item Reset and then the most recent date, as per the photo below.

With this simple process you learn to save your bookmarks and restore them whenever desired. As you can see, Firefox is a secure and reliable browser that does not neglect any aspect for a sailing experience above the average

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