How to Backup browser configuration

Suppose you bought a new PC with Windows, or alternatively, to perform a hard disk formatted to clean it from viruses and restore the proper operation of Windows.

How fun it can be to reinstall and then optimize, at your leisure, Web browser and e-mail programs, also recovering all posts by the various software backup files; It would be much more comfortable and easy to back up all the settings and messages can be performed in a few steps and on all programs at once.logo browser firefox, chrome, explorer

Here’s how the free program MailBrowserBackup can be useful, it comes in a ZIP file and requires no installation; just run the program inside the unzipped folder.

MailBrowserBackup to test, I created a new Windows user profile with a new Firefox profile just installed and then used MBB for backup and restore of my old Firefox profile for the new windows user. The process is as simple as selecting the location of a file in explorer.

Once you have created your MBB files, you can pass, for example, to an external USB drive or spedirseli email to yourself.

For the restoration will be enough to run the program, this time pressing the Reset button.

The current version supports up your settings and profiles of some programs: the Firefox browser and Chrome, Thunderbird, Windows Mail and IncrediMail as your email client, the FileZilla FTP program. The author assures, in a short time, compatibility with all major browsers; with the entry of new software supported this program is to keep undoubtedly consider.