AVG PC TuneUp 2014

Remaking the trick in Windows

Graphics libraries specified with Windows, then evolved into those of view , allow you to “skinnare” operating system than was ever possible in Microsoft.

With this strange verb indicates the ability to fully customize the windows and screens of the operating system, where previously the most we could do was take action on the fonts and colors used. Unfortunately, this possibility has risked for a while ‘to remain idle: Windows is programmed to accept only new themes and skins made ​​directly from Microsoft ; and Microsoft has been active as you could imagine in creating new visual themes for your operating system. If you plan to install unofficial themes, in fact, the way to do it is: just change a library operating system called ” uxtheme.dll “, so that they willingly accept even the themes developed by third parties.


On the Internet you can find both the tools with which to modify the library in question, both versions ready for “uxtheme. dll “to all editions of Windows  , with or without the various service packs installed. You can then also find all necessary utilities for the installation of new themes: for example, WindowBlinds  stardock.com / products / windowblinds /, and also the TuneUp Utilities 2014 changed its name to AVG PC TuneUp 2014 we already talk about in these pages . These are the only ones to use a proprietary format for styles, windows and boot screens, and they oblige to follow the library published on the site TuneUp ; those who wished to instead experiment with the other programs mentioned will be available to the endless collections graphics created directly by users and available on Web sites that specialize in, as wincustomize.com  .

One of the most complete suite for tweaking is AVG PC TuneUp ® 2014. This group of well-assorted utility allows you to work on a myriad of aspects of the system, be it Windows XP or Vista.Vediamo then, step by step, how to use the AVG PC TuneUp 2014 ®  to retouch your operating system in the right places.TuneUp Utilities

  1. As usual, first get yourself a copy of the program by downloading it at tune-up.com . The AVG PC TuneUp  Utilities are in Italian, and you can try them for 30 days before purchasing; Also during the trial period, the utilities still offer all of their functionality, without any limitations. The program installation is quick and simple, and the user is not required to provide any information.
  2. The AVG PC TuneUp  is a large collection of tools for tweaking, integrated into a single interface and can work together to fix the most of your PC. The initial screen of the program is kind of a summary sheet that informs you of the status of the computer in terms of performance and safety.
  3. One tool that is recommended is the use or Speed ​​Optimizer : you can find by clicking on “Increase performance” after a few questions (which you can see illustrated in the figure: the type of Internet connection, the desired ratio between performance and visual effects, methods to use the programs and so on), this tool has a series of tips, useful to make a bit ‘more responsive the system. It is not astonishing increases, but, when added to one another, especially in a system like Vista elephantine, can awaken your computer from its deep slumber …
  4. The last tweak concerning the speed of the system is disabling automatic startup programs are not strictly necessary. This is not about saving a few “tenths of a second,” since the processes that start up with Windows have double unnecessarily negative effect to commit resources (memory and processing time) and slow down the loading of the same sistema.Per that “snips “but with judgment: the window of TuneUp Startup Manager will guide, showing you which programs are to be considered optional and which are strictly necessary for the operation of the system.
  5. In the ” Cleaning Windows “a convenient tool to remove unnecessary links (ie those that point to files that no longer exist in the system) and the Uninstall Manager: This, like the Registry Editor , is an improved version of the simple applet Uninstall Windows, and can help you eliminate so a little ‘more aware and secure the less-used programs.


  1. To the “Troubleshooting”, and two “classics” of the world of utility (the control of the disks that have been previously seen, and the tool to recover deleted files) you can find one of the most unique features of TuneUp Utilities: the Repair Wizard. This window lists some ‘of the most common problems for Windows systems, the software is already programmed to automatically resolve.
  2. The tab ” Customizing Windows “is dedicated to the most frivolous of tweaking: the control system interface and that of the” style “of Windows. From Styler you can edit Windows icons, customize the startup screens, affect the appearance of the individual windows.
  3. From the ” System Control “is not reserved only for issues” frivolous “Windows interface: inside you will find the settings for the Start menu, the taskbar, the behavior of the windows, network configurations, all ‘use of the paging file … In principle, it is an interface for the customization of all aspects of “low-level” system, aspects of which we spoke in the article and that you can find here grouped and well organized.
  4. Finally, we point out, in the Additional Tools, a Process Manager Advanced, able to tell you at any time, not only what processes are active (and so a little less cryptic than it does Windows), but also what are the files currently being used by each process.


Features in Brief AVG PC TuneUp 2014

  • Program Deactivator – Increase the speed of your PC
  • Real-time optimization for maximum speed
  • Maintenance – Optimize your PC with a single click
  • Start a new interface to optimize your PC in a more intuitive
  • Remove all duplicates hidden
  • Optimized Disk Cleaner – cleans Now iTunes ®, Windows ® 8 apps and over 150 other programs
  • Automatic Updates optimized cleaning
  • Compatible with Windows 8.1
  • Optimizing and Maintaining future-proof


AVG PC TuneUp is compatible with the operating system:


  • Windows XP
  • MS Windows Vista
  • MS Windows 7
  • MS Windows 8

32 or 64 bit