Mozilla Firefox visit the web sites by using anonymous surfing

When we surf the Internet, Mozilla Firefox as well as in any other web browser, is stored a lot of information. This information includes, among other things browsing history (the address of all websites we visited), the search terms entered, and the list of all files downloaded from the Internet on your computer. If we want these records are not stored on the computer that we are using to protect our privacy, we can choose to navigate using the anonymous anonymous surfing Mozilla Firefox . Warning: the function of anonymous surfing Mozilla Firefox allows us to not save any information about sites and web pages we visited but does not make anonymous Internet . Any others who use your computer can not retrieve any type of information, but the Internet service provider (Internet service provider), the employer and the same sites visited will always keep track of page views. In addition, all files saved on your computer or on mobile devices will not be deleted.


What is not stored using anonymous surfing Mozilla Firefox

Browsing & Download History
Web sites we visit will not be added to the history and the smart location bar and files downloaded from the Internet on your computer will not be added to the list in the Downloads window. Modules and search terms typed in the text boxes of web pages or in the search bar of Mozilla Firefox will not be added to the list of items to auto-complete forms.Cookies will not be stored information about the activities carried out within the websites visited. Cache No temporary file will be cached. Password New typed passwords are not saved.


Warning: the files downloaded from the Internet on your computer and bookmarks created during private browsing Mozilla Firefox will not be deleted.


Use anonymous surfing Mozilla Firefox

For anonymous surfing with Mozilla Firefox open Firefox . Method 1 In the Navigation bar we click on the button Open menu (the icon in the top right with the three horizontal lines). We click on Window anonymous . Method 2 We press on the keyboard of the computer keys Ctrl , Shift (the button with the arrow pointing upwards) and simultaneously.

This opens the Private Browsing .
The windows of anonymous surfing Mozilla Firefox are recognizable by the presence of an icon color purple shaped mask on the top right.logo firefox

We type your search terms in the address bar and press the button Enter on the keyboard Computer to display the results.

Open a link in a window of Mozilla Firefox anonymous

We can also choose to open a link to view a website or a web page directly in a window of Mozilla Firefox anonymous.
We click with the right mouse button on the link and we click on Open link in new window anonymous .

Stop anonymous surfing Mozilla Firefox

To stop anonymous surfing we have to close the window and open Mozilla Firefox.

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