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The software, features , strengths and weaknesses of programs dedicated to instant messaging .

Windows Live MessengerContemporary messages , chat rooms, online games and much more. The instant messaging programs are no longer limited to handle only text chat but have a number of exciting features : Voice calls by sending SMS , games online file sharing , from chat rooms dedicated to an argument to the creation of photo albums online. In the following pages we explain how the main programs of the genre: Windows Live Messenger , Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ. Not to be confused with Windows Live Messenger (the other instant messaging program from Microsoft , however, dedicated to corporate users and is available for Windows only) The installation of the program , however, is rather cumbersome : you have to activate a Passport account and provide detailed information on your city of residence, zip code and other personal data , in addition to having to open , inevitably , a free Hotmail account .

After this long operation , however, you can not only access the program from your PC but from any other computer with a web access , Microsoft announced the end of support for Messenger from April 2013.

The messenger features have been migrated to the Skype client . Recall, As for the simpler features , whenever you are online just click on the bar ( where you receive the e-mail address with which you have signed up for MSN) to manage how view your account . You can choose how to “appear” to others : whether on-line , “busy “, ” invisible” and so on. In addition to the typical text conversations , the program stands out above all for offering a range of customization options. First, you can use smileys, and send short animated clips ( to do this just drag and drop them into the window. But now the future is Skype …

Alternative to Windows Live email is called
Yahoo Messenger To download the program, simply direct your browser to the site of Yahoo! and download the client which then downloading the 9 , 75 MB required for installation of Yahoo! Messenger. To use the software ( the latest version is the Yahoo Messenger 11.5) is required to have a Yahoo! account , which is necessary to access the services offered by the famous search engine.

The program , in Italian , it has all the features you would expect from a good instant messaging program : contact list displayed by different icons depending on whether they are online or offline , the status bar that indicates other users our willingness (or not) to be contacted, use smileys, interface customization of controls, and a function to search for new contacts via e-mail . Curiously, you can make a voice chat without having to install any additional components , but the use of this function is rather inconvenient since it must hold in order to communicate with the mouse button on the client. The program supports the mode ” multichat ” : that is, you can chat, simultaneously, with multiple users within the same window .

The rooms available are numerous and well attended . Introduces the possibility of video conferencing using a Web cam . It is important to remember that through Yahoo! Messenger you can access the services offered by the portal Yahoo! directly from the program interface : horoscope, site of the day , sports news and stock market quotes are available in the dialog that appears below. In addition, you can access your ” Favorites ” to be notified of the arrival of new mail and browse and update your Yahoo! Calendar . One of the most original is the possibility offered by the program to share their photographs. To enable a sharing session of the photos, simply click on the menu button in the chat window Photo , wait for the response to the invitation by the other party and then select the images that interest you. The pictures will be shown through a display “to record.” You can use the mouse pointer to highlight some areas even in single images to activate it just make a click with the right mouse button on any of the photos shared . Since the first version of the program, there is also the option Music: allows you to watch music videos streamed from the portal Yahoo! Launch, choosing a database that contains 5 . 000 movies.

Regarding the customization features , Yahoo! Messenger offers during conversations not only traditional features like emoticons and smileys, but also a selection of pre-recorded clips that can be sent at any time to your contacts. To avoid to let everyone know that you have just connected, you can configure the program so that you do look at all like off-line or , alternatively, choose a setting that displays your individual status (on -line or off-line ) for each contact : for example, you can hide the fact of being on-line to a user, but appear connected to another . To change these settings for individual contacts was just right-click on their name in the contact list . Keep in mind that even Yahoo! Messenger suffers from a search mode other users rather limiting.


Another alternative to Windows Live Messenger ICQ

download  ICQ

ICQ (the three letters mimic the pronunciation of ” I Seek You”, which in English means ” I seek you ” ) is definitely the most popular instant messaging program , with millions of registered users. The program Mirabilis is available in different versions. The best known and ICQ Pro is complete and can be downloaded from the website www . icq . com. With this version you can proceed to the normal discussion “open” , send messages, even if the recipient is off-line , send and receive files. The search mode is among the most advanced . Just select ” Add / Invite Users” to find a user in the database of the ICQ network based on the nickname, e- mail address , ICQ number (UIN ) or by keywords ( keywords ) . With this mode, the search is performed within the profiles of the users. You can then search for a user by gender , age, nationality and interests or query the search engine with simple questions.

Through the ” Meet People” ( in previous versions it was called “Active List” ) you can choose whether to join or not to “groups ” of users who share common interests or hobbies and get in touch with members. In this mode you can access the News Board of the group (a type of forum ) and exchange messages with users and various information. To find all the information available to each user can then log on to UserUnified Messaging Center : For each user you will find that data collected ranging from interests, languages ​​spoken , to the address of their website if they have one. ICQ Pro is also equipped with a dedicated control to security that allows you to chat behind a firewall , a function which, however, does not always work as it should. Among other options is to report the news view , the possibility of integration with the mail client Outlook , sharing of files and documents ( the “Shared Files” ) with other users.

There are also in this case the insertion of emoticons in messages , sending the same message via ICQ , SMS and email at the same time , the ability to view your list of net -friends also on- line on the website ICQ and a spell checker . ICQ Pro also supports the VoIP protocol : just activate the ICQPhone , download the required software and follow the relevant registration. Remember that the cost of the call is not included in that connection . Are possible calls from PC to Phone, PC-to- PC and phone-to- phone. Another version , lighter , ICQ Lite is ( or ICQ ). It offers the basic functions , ie those only instant messaging program and is compatible with many versions of Windows . ICQ2Go is even lighter ! It is a java version of the program is directly accessible via the Internet. It does not involve the installation of anything, except a tiny Java application and is visible within any browser . For features, functionality and ease of use, even though it is in English , ICQ Pro is the program that Computer Idea recommends to chat online with your friends.


In this article we talked about the term


Client category of software, such as those dedicated to the chat or e-mail management, which work by relying on computer “third party”, called “server”, which must, in general, the task of gathering and distributing information.

Drag & drop Literally “drag & drop”, is a technique that allows you to move the icon to a file by selecting it with the mouse and moving the while he keeps pressing the left button.

Emoticon set of characters that represent a smiley intent to express a particular mood (joy, sadness, etc.). They can be static and animated.

Pidgin | Developed by Project Download Pidgin (available for Windows, Linux and MacOS) | Official Website pidgin_logoClient open-source application that allows you to simultaneously connect multiple accounts, even of different protocols, such as MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk and many other. It supports only the features of their original bases, but thanks to the plug-in, allows you to customize and add the features you want. Recommended for those who use Linux or Windows, to those who use multiple protocols to stay in touch with their friends.