The 10 best free alternatives to Photoshop

Photoshop is a program of Adobe Systems specializing in photo editing and, more generally, in digital image processing. Thanks to the many tools provided by this software, as well as the presence of as many plugins, Photoshop is considered in all respects the best program of raster graphics . The only problem, unfortunately, is the price, depending on the version,Realize Labels and Covers for CDs and DVDs can be really excessive.

This is why a list of the best 10 free alternatives to Photoshop .


The 10 best free alternatives to Photoshop


GIMP GIMP (whose name comes from G NU The mage M anipulation P rogram) is a program for creating and editing images full of tools and features that make it a viable free alternative than Photoshop. Among the features offered by GIMP is the ability to resize and crop images, to make photomontages, to create logos, add different types of filters / effects and the ability to import and export files in different formats, create animations and, albeit only through the CMYK color mode, read and write the Photoshop PSD file format (for more information about GIMP at this address you can find the user manual while in this one  there is a community that, in addition to resources and tutorials, also offers support through a forum). GIMP is available in many languages ​​(including Italian) for a number of platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.



Krita Krita is a program to draw and edit images based on the platform KDE and content of programs in the suite called KOffice. Krita is designed primarily as an application for drawing and digital painting, offers support for export and import images in various formats (such as, for example, PSD, PNG, and BMP) and also has useful features for photo editing, however, compared to Photoshop and GIMP, is still somewhat immature (if you want more information on Krita can consult anyway  this page). Available in multiple languages ​​for Windows and Linux (but is also developing a version for Mac OS X).



CinePaint CinePaint is a very similar to GIMP (that was born from version 1.0.4 of the GIMP) targeted for use in the field of cinema and be able to retouch bitmap frames of film.Among the features offered by CinePaint there is support for images up to 32-bit depth per channel, the possibility of using the technique of onion skin , and also the ability to manage the ‘ HDR  (if you want more information about you CinePaint. Available in English (and partially also in other languages) for Linux and Mac OS X.



Seashore Seashore is an image editor specifically for Mac OS X (only available in English) that just like Photoshop, working at different levels and thus enables customization very accurate.Among the tools offered by Seashore is possible to improve the color of the images, enter text and create and edit special effects over to other useful features that should satisfy the needs of all users who are looking for a program with basic features (for more information on Seashore will advise you to take a look at  this document).


Paint.NET Paint.NET is a raster graphics program, which makes use of the environment .NETMicrosoft, born as an alternative more complete than Paint (ie the simple graphics program that is on all versions of the Windows operating system). He very intuitive user interface and innovative, allows mixing effects, transparency and cloning as well as unlimited undo the last operation, the installation of several plugins (which allow you to extend its functionality) and a wide variety of useful tools and the same time powerful. Available in several languages ​​(including Italian) only for Windows operating systems. Tutorial photo editing program


PhotoScape PhotoScape is another software dedicated to graphics and photo retouching. Among the many tools offered by PhotoScape is the ability to resize images, create photomontages, the white balance, corrects the light of the background, insert text, add drawings and eliminate eye effect red (for more information on the characteristics of PhotoShape


Pint Pinta is a very lightweight, dedicated to raster graphics, able to edit bitmap images.Inspired Paint.NET, Pinta offers many features typical of programs that allow editing of images, including drawing tools, filters, graphics and brushes for adjusting colors. Unlike other programs of this kind, however, Pinta provides support for image layers, offers unlimited undo the last operation and also has a toolbar very simple and flexible. Available in multiple languages ​​for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


Free alternatives online

In addition to classic programs that you can install on your computer normally, nowadays you can also find the free alternatives that can be used directly online through theirbrowser choice. This is why a short list of what I consider the best free alternatives online :


Photoshop Express Photoshop Express is a free service offered by the same company that makes Photoshop. Among the various features in the application, it is possible to adjust the brightness and contrast, crop, rotate and resize images, apply a few but useful filters and the ability to remove the annoying red-eye effect. Moreover, although the features in Photoshop Express does not have the same precision as those offered by the homonymous paid version, the application, though in English, is quite simple and intuitive. Moreover, it is available free app for smartphones and tablets Android , iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone  (in addition to devices based on Windows 8.1 ).


Pixlr Pixlr is another free application, provided by Autodesk, that you can use directly online. Among the tools in Pixlr, very similar to those offered by the classic Photoshop, there is the ability to adjust the color balance, to manage brightness and contrast, edit, resize and crop images, to zoom in up to 800%, and to apply filters and effects of each type. Pixlr is also compatible with PSD files, is available in Italian and, moreover, there is the ‘ app  (in variants Express and O-matic) for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as a version of the desktop , for Windows and Mac OS X, available in a basic version (free) and a paid version (which allows you to unlock other useful functions).


PicMonkey PicMonkey is another online photo editors that seeks to unite the power of simplicity. It is an application that allows you to rotate and crop images, add text, patterns and shapes, decorate with frames and textures as well as to apply filters and effects of excellent quality (very similar to those proposed by Instagram ). PicMonkey is available only in English but also offers the possibility to be used by an application for  Facebook and one for  Google Chrome . At this point you should know what are the best 10 free alternatives to Photoshop.


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